YOYO (You own your learning);


Today is the fourth day of the Andela Bootcamp cycle 28 and I am honoured to be part of this rigorous experience. Everyday has been an eye opener to me and an opportunity to learn new skills. Contrary to my ‘easy does it’ approach, Andela Bootcamp has taught me to learn to take ‘five steps’ at a time. I shuffle between private libraries, Andela Bootcamp hall and home, I am always studying and seeking knowledge from experienced folks and colleagues. I dream about codes when I sleep (smiles), and every moment means gold to me. This has been a very life changing experience to me and I will always focus on the positives of it.

Within the last four days I have learnt skills and tools that are highly rewarding and invaluable, both technology and soft skills. Tech-wise, I have learnt:

The concept of programming

The concept of Web service and HTTP

How to create a back-end server using Express

Object Oriented Programming

Test Driven Development (TDD) programming approach

Manual back-end testing using Postman and many others.

I have also learnt professional soft-skills like:

Actionable, specific and kind feedback (how to respond to and give feedback)

Growth mindset


Attention to details

and Andela’s values which are Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration (EPIC).

I have met great colleagues, supervisors and staff, they have been amazing and supportive to us (aspiring fellows). I am appreciative of the belief they entrusted in me by inviting me to the Boot-camp. It is a rare privilege.

YOYO (You own your learning) is a learning approach adopted by Andela for her aspiring Fellows. It is a self-learning approach aimed at training applicants on the need to be self-reliant and seek for support when in need of help. It is an approach that has drilled me a lot in the Bootcamp. You are exposed to a new tool, and you are expected to know its use and give expected output within few hours. WOW. Now I am a more confident person and a person that can thrive in the face of pressures. I believe if I can thrive at Andela Bootcamp, I will thrive in any circumstance I find myself.

Gracias Andela.

Thank you for reading

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