What are you waiting for…?

Why is it that we are so comfortable with denying and purposefully resisting that which we claim to love?

Why are we so irrevocably afraid to love, to live, and to care so deeply for something or someone that we would rather live with the turmoil of internal conflict and dissatisfaction?

What is it about surrendering to the prospect of being fully immersed in our desires that scares us to death?

Why is it that we feel the need to wait for “the perfect time”, knowing full well that this is only an excuse to put things off even longer?

The is a simple answer to all of these questions: Fear.

We don’t want to fail. We don’t want to experience the heartbreak, or miss out on that promotion. We don’t want to risk hurting someone that we care about, or risk the disappointment of giving our all and coming up short. But we aren’t honest with ourselves about being fearful, so we purposefully overthink and psyche ourselves out of the pursuit of love, and happiness. We would rather live with absolute loss and no prospect of gaining, than risk the possibility of finding that peaceful space, succumbing to what we love most, then being broken by that thing at some point down the road because we assume it will be lost. But what we don’t consider, is that this stream of negativity and self-doubt has all stemmed from speculation.

Fear is the enemy of desire. This is fairly universal truth. In my opinion, it is a redundant school of thought, and should no longer be entertained. Fear can no longer serve as a valid excuse. There are so many individuals who miss the beauty of life because they never took that life-changing step beyond their threshold of comfort. So rather than hiding behind it, let’s face our fear for what it is. And in facing our fear, the answers to our questions reveal themselves.

So…fuck it, right?

Stop thinking about the endless possibilities. Stop considering the endless avenues, or the ways that things can go wrong. Stop hiding behind fear, and previous mistakes. Stop trying so hard to inhibit yourself because you’re afraid to feel so deeply in love that you might lose yourself in that significant other, or whatever else you feel passion for.

Buy a van and take that trip around the country. Apply for the position you may not be 100% qualified for. Change your major six times over. Start that business. Ask him out. Tell her you love her. Let your passion overcome you. Let go of your fear of making mistakes, and take this life head on.

Now is always the time, because now is the only time that actually exists in a literal sense. Waiting is likely to end in disappointment and regret, because we tend to wait most for the moments that aren’t guaranteed a day, month, or year from now. If the desire exists in you, don’t doubt it. The very worst thing that can happen is that it may not work out…so what? That’s no reason to stop before you start.

So…what are we really waiting for?

The answer is nothing.

Your time is now.

Take the plunge.

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