Ending poverty in our generation

The saddening truth is that half of the world’s population still lives in extreme poverty. We need to step up and put in our best efforts to lend a helping hand to these people, so that they can lead a decent and fulfilling life. Education has vital role to play in such efforts. It has become the need of the hour to spread awareness among the masses that education plays a crucial role in eliminating the severe problem of poverty.

Education is the only way to help these people to develop the required skills through which they can earn their livelihood. This would enable them to move towards a more secure life. This way education can help in uplifting the living standard of these underprivileged people and it would also make them aware about their fundamental rights, as this would ensure that they don’t get exploited at the hands of cunning elements of the society. We must be clear that without education poverty reduction is not possible at all.

Being termed as the best NGO of Uttar Pradesh, it is our responsibility to bring this sensitive issue to the notice of all so that people would understand the importance of education and this way it can play its full part in helping the world achieve poverty eradication. We believe that all children need the chance to complete not only primary school but also lower secondary school.