GIGO: Principle of Business Success

There is a principle called the Garbage-In Garbage -Out(GIGO), it is a
principle of getting what you have inputted into a particular thing.
As a businessman/businesswoman who indeed ready for success, it is
necessary that you render more service than what you are paid for.
This will not only earn you promotion, better income and position but
will give you the satisfaction and fulfillment that you need for the
smooth running of the business; which nothing else can offer you.
This principle of rendering extra, better and more service than you
bargained for is what we call “Going the Extra-mile”. The application
of this principle will create room for any business person get into a
higher position than he can ever imagine. This will in turn increase
the income and image of the business. There is a systematic way in
which Nature rewards every hardworking person: we only get from life
what we give to it. Whatever we give will be measured out back in
However, when you go the Extra-mile in satisfying your client will in
return make your client go the Extra-mile to patronise you. When you
are dishonest with your business, there is no gain saying that your
client will lose confidence in you and withdraw their patronage. And
if you happen to be an employee, a day will come when your employer
will catch up with your dishonest act and that will mark the end for
It is whatever you put that you will get in return, it is a Law of
Nature: Orange for Orange not Orange for Apple (whatever you sow, you
shall reap). You need to understand that patience is also a factors
but one thing is sure that your effort will come back in form of
reward. It was also confirmed in the Holy book when it says “Give and
it shall be given unto you”-this Law of Nature is not disputable.
Be ever ready to offer Extra service to your clients as you know that
Money begets Money, Favour begets Favour, therefore Extra service will
naturally begets Extra Reward/Income.
Going the Extra mile is as simple when you follow this suggested guidelines:

1. As an employee, discipline yourself on coming early to work and
close later than the official time if the need arises.
2. Commitment is another key, do the work as if it is your own work.
3. The interest of the company should be a major concern to you and
make sure you proffer solutions to problems that arises.
4. Eye-service should be avoided, know fully well that it will take a
little time for a tree to bring out fruit.
5. Let your work speak for you, don’t praise your own self.
6. Let the company know that you are part of them by helping them in
every way you can.
7. Follow the above guidelines and allow God to take charge of the
automatic returns that will overwhelm you, “Your reward is as sure as

1. A good personal relationship with your client is important apart
from rendering quality service to them.
2. Respect, Kindness and Smile is expected of you by a client. You
should never withhold it from them as this will help in growing your
3. Honesty is another factor to consider. Your client must be able to
trust, you must win their confidence and make them happy anytime they
are with you.
4. Sometimes you can decide to render some service without demanding
payment from them. It helps your business grow faster.
5. Service to Humanity should be considered, make sure you render it to them.

Therefore, your business should be to render more and better service
than you are being paid for and in due time the world will be ready
and eager to pay you more than you offer and render to it. Do it and
discover the hidden treasure of securing your source of income.

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