“Zuba! Kaduna road!” A taxi driver called out as he tried to park by the kerb at Area 3 junction. “Kubwa express?” “Enter!” “Where he dey go?” One of the union boys asked me. “Kaduna road” I muttered, praying my words will be lost on him and he wouldn’t call more passengers.

Soon I was quashed between two men, my hips felt deflated. When one of the men ‘accidentally’ brushed my breasts, I shifted way out of the seat to almost kiss the passenger seat at the front and also hugged my bag. Have I told you how a friend sat beside a man who masturbated beside her in a taxi. eyes glued to her breasts? I should some day.

“Bello!!! So you are in this taxi with me?!”

“Ah oga!”

I rolled my eyes gasping for breath. Of all times, like their hot air wasn’t enough they have to gist over my head! “You live at Deidei still?”

“No I live at Gwagwa”

“Ah! That una road! Shey e don worst ba?”

“Yes o! Terrible! Takes us more than hour to pass through from Deidei…”

We were now passing through the Round-about that led to Prince and princess, lokogoma and so on. I looked up eagerly to enjoy the ride as the car rode on the orange and black bumps. When Dad allowed me to use his car, I had fun driving over them and counting each of them. Perks of boredom I agree.

“Dantata and co eh! Common road wey no go take 3 days them dey take years!” One of the men was lamenting.

It was quite clear that these men had their hearts fixed on Gwagwa road. I had moved on and was enjoying the whatsapp chats of the lady in front. Already I see she is reconciling with someone who calls her “Babe”. Why can’t people reduce their fonts?

All rights reserved. Adesuwa Iluobe 2016

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