I Joined The Oldies Group Chat.

Life indeed is a pot of beans.

As much as you want to make it big, find little things that makes you genuinely happy. I read somewhere that even when you escape the rat race, it does not change the fact that you are still a rat — the hustle goes on. Be present. Live life and let live.

Paying homage to the hustle culture — understand what drives you. A differentiating factor for successful people is a deep understanding of a why and how. No reasonable person should put in nights and days with no actionable steps. Make plans and stick to it. You cannot wing it all.

Whew, was I happy?

Life is like driving a car at night.

In the last quarter of 2021, I came across across a Web 3 startup and I fell in love with the product. I sent an email to the founder about my interest, listed some of my achievements and how I can scale the startup. I had the interview and all went well. I was told to wait few weeks for an offer letter. At that same time, I had an offer with another startup but I rejected the interview. Long story short, I was rejected by the Web 3 startup. God, was I devastated? I shed snotty tears but I moved on like the big girl that I am.

* Life can throw you lemons but without a fruit press, you ain’t making any damn lemonades. Life cannot be all rosy. Life throws you curveballs. And I guess, it is alright if you do not have life all figured out. With life, dear reader you can never be too sure.

* Obviously, you should learn from my story above. Never reject an interview until you receive an offer letter. It pays to always look out for yourself.

* Just Start: you can not afford to wait to have everything figured out before you take neccesary steps. Take that course, shoot that shot (they can only air you), learn that skill, even send that risky DM.

* Walk life with a healthy community of people

It’s like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.

Some of my experiments.

Life is an experiment.

At one point, you enjoy doing CAC while dabbling in KPK but along the line, you fall in love with 234. With life, you have to be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn. Life is never straightforward.

Explore things that align with your interests. You have no business exploring coding if it is something you have no interest in. Are you a technical person? Are you more of a creative? Do you enjoy public speaking?

Best known beats best: if no one knows what you do, how then can they hire you or buy what you sell? Best advice; put yourself out there. If you are learning a skill, put the process out. If you are enrolled in a cohort, share that journey. If you are working a job, share your experiences, achievements and lessons.



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