Toilet Waka

Don’t shit yet!
Keep it till you get home
Or that Family house with 
Little water. Spoil your insides 
with your rot and putrefying garbage

Keep that shit
And the gases around it
That might want to slip
Clandestinely through your
Anal brushes and troughs
It shares a binomenclature
With that unknowning hunkish
Fellow behind your famousness

The toilets near you are 
Locked. Nonexistent and worthless
Perhaps. They carry a forlorn expression
Wary of the persons with heavy hearts
That are ready to use.
Their sinks scream lock and key.

Besides. We all need one
Or two or more toilets. It is a 
Mental step for a well established survival

Don’t shit yet!
Keep it till you get home
Or that family stead with pristine
Toilets and sufficient water
For a more relaxed form 
Of intestinal disembowelment.

We hear our cries
Of good toilets that pass away
Our cries to resurrect their kind
And make them flush away our
Unforgiving bilge

We need good toilets
With clean water
That assist in time of excrutiating
And agonizing need. Or other times
toilets that say-
You can now shit!

Today is UN World Toilet Day. A cry for a better way of sanitation. We need more and better toilets with sufficient water.

#Opentoilets #Worldtoiletday #Bettertoilets