Starting up as a photographer? Here are 17 tips from African Professional Photographers

Starting out as a photographer in Africa can be exciting, promising and frustrating. What are the things you need to know for easy acceleration when thinking of starting photography as a profession?. I threw this question open to photographers in African Professional Photography Facebook group and here’s a list of 17 important pieces of advice, I think every beginner should take to heart.

  1. Find your niche & keep shooting — Francis Oghuma
  2. Gears are not everything, do with what you have, you can make a great picture with the simplest of gears. — Gbemi Jones
  3. “ Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like”. And define your own style. — Ayotunde Adebayo
  4. I usually ask if it’s for passion first or money first, if it’s passion, abound your creativity — Mykel Oguns
  5. Keep shooting — Kolawole Muyideen
  6. Don’t be profit driven at first as a start up photographer. Strive for excellence, and the money will locate you. — Sean Faith
  7. Love & enjoy what you do. — Femi Somowo
  8. Google is your friend — Emmanuel Ikwuegbu (Quite obvious)
  9. Get a mentor….. Learn from his/her mistakes. — Oluwatomilola Boyinde
  10. No matter your genre of photography NEVER GIVE UP, ALWAYS YEARN TO GET BETTER WITH EACH PASSING DAY. — Babajide Ajayi
  11. Pursue knowledge and excellence. — Ijiyokunola Samuel
  12. Don’t forget to take the lens cap off! — Bob Daglish
  13. Be sincere with your clients — David Oluwaseyi
  14. Focus on your Strength while improving on your weakness. — John Etefia
  15. Don’t be cheap. — Kc Nwakalor
  16. Learn your camera settings. — Christian Lemeke
  17. The world is not looking for new photographers but the world needs great concepts — Kenny Awolusi

I believe that helps, you can also request to join the group to learn and share knowledge with fellow professional photographers.

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