Agricoin (AGC) towards Sustainable Farming Economy

Technological Development follows no physical or invisible boundaries and expands its roots in all directions. Working on same criteria Internet of Things has its applications in field of industrial manufacture(as on industrial internet), home security, smart cities and many more. Even the agricultural sector isn’t left untouched from the technological development of Internet of Things leading to development of Agriculture Internet of Things.

Agriculture Internet of Things helps in increasing crop productivity by way of managing and controlling the activities like Crop water management. Adequate water supply is an essence for agriculture and the crops can be damaged in either of situation of excess of water supply or in shortage of water supply. Agriculture Internet of Things with integration of Web Map Service (WMS) and Sensor Observation Service (SOS) provides a solution to manage water requirement or water supply for crop irrigation. Agriculture Internet of Things smartly analyses the water requirement of crop and utilizes the scarce water resource available to reduce wastage of water. In areas of drought crop, water management function of Agriculture IoT can prove to be of great value as it manages the limited water supply smartly with least wastage of water resource by calculating the valve operation timing and building optimum irrigation strategy.

Agricoin (AGC) as The Aggregator of Sustainable Farming Economy

Precision Agriculture — The level of accuracy of weather forecasts affects the crop productivity to a great extent. Higher the level of accuracy of weather forecast, the lower would be the chances of crops being damaged thus there would be higher level of productivity. Agriculture Internet of Things ensures accurate and timely communication of real time data or information related to dynamic agricultural processes like plantation, harvesting etc. and weather forecasts, soil quality, availability and cost of labor required to the farmers before-hand.

Farmers with availability of such important real time information in advance are able to plan their course of activities pre-hand and take corrective/preventive measures for future contingency. A farming system that is precisely monitored from time to time deliver possibility for real time valuation of agricultural processes and its desired products as it yields.

Agricoin (AGC) as a cryptocurrency helps farmers, distribution and supply chain management, farmer’s markets, commodity market, start-up communities, and many other stakeholders to exchange this real time valuation of agricultural products from the very beginning. Using Agricoin (AGC) is a contingency plan as the next steps towards Agricultural Internet of Things as it not only enables the parties involved to see the real time parameters as technical value but also economical value effortlessly. As any other digital currency, Agricoin (AGC) is borderless hence it allows remittance transaction among parties across sovereign nations without unnecessary exchange rates losses as incurred in using fiat money.

Recently, the coin that focused primarily on agricultural market, had been registered on a notable exchange namely Coinmarkets. According to Moch. Fauzi, their developer and hustler, Agricoin had successfully passed the initial coin offering stage and widely available for mining and exchanging activity with total supply of 466,656,250 coins. Therefore, it already take one giant step ahead toward market liquidity and soon be able to support the entire agricultural ecosystem around the globe particularly in Asia without any border.

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