A winner never quit!

After Thirteen years of banking career, I got tired of the job due to incessant armed robbery attack of which I got shot 4 times in one of the robbery operations in 2012 but was miraculously saved. Yet returned back to the job in 2014 due to no alternative means of livelihood. In November 2016 after the visit of Mark Zukarberg; I read in the news about his visit to Andela and I became inquisitive about Andela, that led me to google it out on the net and found out about their recruitment process. Having graduated as computer science student in 2001, discovered an opportunity to retrace my steps back to my foundational career. I resigned my appointment in mid December 2016 to meet Andela requirement of “Must have nothing doing”. I locked myself up for two months studying Andela curriculum as well as registered with Codecademy to learn Python programming. Nevertheless, I couldn’t make it to boot camp.

In early February 2017, I relocated to Ikorodu Lagos from Akure to Scot with a friend and register with GIT learning center at Ikeja to learn Java alongside Python due to complexity in meeting up some OOP concepts. But I still could not meet up.

At the verge of quiting and look for another job or relocate back to Akure, I received a mail from Andela introducing me to Android Learning community scholarship. I registered and joined ALC-SW2 Team 13 from Lagos, but couldn’t make it to Akure till after Meet-up 1.0 and on getting to Akure, none in the area had successfully installed Android studio. In another word, I was studying but not practicing and got fed up. Surprisingly, one Mr Olufemi and Ojo oluwasegun initiated discussion through group Whats-app on possible challenges installing Android studio and finally hinted me on the need to upgrade my system from 32bits to 64bits and re-install which eventually solve the problems. I became happy and aggressive meeting up with Easter Challenge and cover the lectures in good time.

One of the biggest constraints was the challenge of electricity. In my area, we do have light once in three days. Hence, I move from one student’s campus to another within Akure depending on where there is light at the moment. I emptied my savings to purchase data and my family supported me and encouraged me to continue the programme whenever I want to call it quit, reminding me of my previous milestones and assignments that results in success. Though, there was no meet-up all through in my location, yet I find solace in google staff’s sharing their experiences at intervals and took delights in solving problems through google search.

I want to be an erudite Android programmer if I have the privilege or opportunity to be sponsored for intermediate nanogeen program. I also which to finish well in order to recruit youths in my community to learn Android programming during school holidays by having studio/lab in my community.

I am determined to pursue this career to a successful conclusion without calling it quit; because a winner never quit and a quitter never win.

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