Don’t be in a rush to conclude you can’t have a great party planned and executed in the city of Ibadan because there’s no Sheraton Four Points or Eko Hotel and Suites in Ibadan just yet. So you want to plan

but don’t know the things you should watch out for in Ibadan especially when you are planning your owambe alone, even though you have an event planner, the venue is one thing you also want to inspect before signing off your money.

  1. PRICE: Hmmm! Compared to other major cities in Nigeria, the prices for the renting event centres, halls, or open space in Ibadan may be cheaper but shouldn’t get you all excited yet. Please ask questions to make sure you would be getting value for what you’re paying. Event Centres in the other cities are more expensive for a reason.
  2. PROXIMITY: Most people just select event centres for their owambe because, it was the cheapest they got, I get, you are working with limited funds or you have some attachment to the events centre or the owner. Then you put your guests through a lot of hassle from church to the reception venue. Please consider the comfort of your guests especially if there are moving venues with you.
  3. PARKING SPACE: I have attended a lot of events in Ibadan and there was this headache about parking space, it comes especially if the event centre came at a cheap price. See why price matters.
  4. FACILITY MANAGEMENT: Things like their toilet facilities, bless you if you visit the event centre and there’s an event going on. Go see what the toilet looks like, and how they supervise it. Kitchen facilities, you don’t want your caterers asking jamb question about where they should do this or that on the owambe day, so please settle that. The power supply, what are their options for your other vendors or the entertainment that may need external power supply. Other things apply here.
  5. SECURITY: Please I beg, consider security very well. Make sure the venue is as closed up as possible. I know you are generous, but there’s a lot more you want to protect your guests from, you wouldn’t like your important guests complain that they were attacked, robbed, their cars or phones stolen, because you were just a bit generous to the street urchins and mogbo moya clan. Please hire a security service company to help.

These are the top five things, we think you should consider before paying for a venue for your owambe in Ibadan. What’s yours?