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When I was growing up, between ages nine and I think, twenty I was labeled a tomboy by the people around me. I didn’t think anything of it at the time because I felt I was just being myself. The earliest age I remember exhibiting tomboy traits was age five. I don’t remember how it started or why. Looking back, I can only point to a few things that may or may not have shifted my thinking as a girl child and changed my identity.

One of those events was when my dad went on a trip for some years and returned. He brought with him some presents for me and my little sister. Most of them were gifts meant for boys. We got a lot of boy boots, cargo pants and t-shirts. We got Sega and PS1. My sister showed zero interest in playing sega at the time, being 4 years, she just wanted her dolls and colorful storybooks. I showed a lot of interest in playing the game and played I did. Until we had some cousins and male family friends at our house over for the holidays and suddenly I couldn’t play anymore, because the adults said let the boys play the game, they are not really meant for girls. …


Adeyinka Adegbenro

Adeyinka is a software developer, who is constantly trying to learn and apply.

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