It begins

2018 begins and I am very nervous.

I am not sure if its normal to be this nervous about a new year, it is just another day like the last one, no big deal, no stress…but yet, I am stressed.

I am very stressed. I look back at 2017 and all the goals I set out to achieve, I didn’t achieve any. I did have a good 2017 but I can’t help this feeling of underachievement. I am scared the same will happen in 2018.

Some of the goals I set out to achieve in 2017 (and I failed at) include:

  • Lose 20LBS and go back to my normal weight
  • Write the PMP
  • Write the GMAT
  • Find a good partner
  • Take up yoga
  • Build more meaningful friendships
  • Move back to Nigeria for a year

None of these happened. Now I am asking myself why I failed at these and I believe it’s because I failed to plan. It is very easy to make goals and resolutions and yadayada, but it is important to make sure these goals are SMART and most importantly one has to be disciplined.

I am not as disciplined as I used to be and for this reason, I procrastinated a lot, I let time pass while doing nothing, and I settled for mediocrity.

So, what will I do different in 2018?

I plan to be more disciplined. I plan to be less idle, to always keep busy. I plan to reduce my goals from 10 to 5. I plan to be very specific with my goals. I plan to actively work towards each goal. I plan to declutter my life of irrelevancies in terms of people and things as they tend to take up a lot of time and space, hence causing me to lose focus. Most importantly, I plan to take stock at each milestone, pat myself on the back, and get back to it.

My 5 goals for 2018:

  • Lose 20lbs
  • Save 40%-50% of my income (Steep but I am positive that I can achieve this)
  • Write the PMP
  • Build meaningful friendships
  • Be more generous to those around me

Of course, I have mini-goals as well but those ones are just things I am not as fixated on and they include:

  • Sing more
  • Write everyday (take a daily stock at the end of each day — my writing sucks, I can only slay academic papers 🙄)
  • Meet someone (not too important but I ❤️ love and I think I am ready for it)
  • Invest in Cryptos
  • Start planning for #Naija2019

Yes, GMAT can wait as I cannot come and kill myself and go and die.

In summary, I am limiting myself a lot this year and focusing on what is really important to me. I want to be able to look back in January 2019 and relish in my success. I don’t want to have any regrets at all concerning the top 5 goals I have set out for myself, so I plan to actively pursue them and have fun while doing so.

PS: This is my first ever blog. I am a political science graduate (hella writing) and also a project manager at an advertising firm (hella paperwork), so please forgive my laziness and I hope to get better as I write on this medium every day of this year. Stick around and read my offloads. It’ll be worth it.

Happy New Year.


Ire ni o.