AdGeek Prospecting Feature

How can I target customers that never made it to my store?

This question was asked by a majority of our dedicated beta users. The AdGeek team found creative means to make this work through the friends of fans campaign creation. We decided to go even further and greatly increase the quality of traffic coming to your online store with our new prospecting feature.

Shopify defines “prospecting” as the first step in the sales process, which consists of identifying potential customers aka prospects.

AdGeek’s new prospecting feature is supposed to takes the quality of convertible consumers(prospects) coming to your store to another level. The uniquely powered algorithm that powers this prospecting feature doubles the likelihood of generating revenue from your store traffic.

The prospecting process involves AdGeek accumulating the best interests or audiences for your products. The laser targeting technique is used to narrow down the most ideal audience segment for your niche or industry. An ad is then created to suit the target audience which is then sent for your approval or edition.

Activating this feature on AdGeek is as simple as it comes.

Upon logging in to the AdGeek application, select the “Prospecting” icon on the left as shown below.

The only requirements expected of you is to enter your daily ad spend and the countries that you would want to target. That simple!

Within 24 hours your audience will be accumulated and an optimized ad will be made available for you to either edit or approve for display.

Why the hold up? What do you have to lose? Well, the money AdGeek can make you comes to mind. Make me money now!.