I’m doing it. I was in hell and back. After more time than people with customer support, I finally know how to claims/redeem Samsung buy one Get one deal they haveon the Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

Samsung has no Nutshell with just the info, they keep a polite email explaining the procedure and there is almost no information to be found on the website of Samsung. Now that I have spent the last few hours bouncing between Samsung and T-Mobile reps, I finally have figured out how it works.

Step 1: activate new Galaxy Samsung.com S8

Samsung says you can “save a trip to the store by simply activate the phone” on your web site. What they really mean is the activation of the T-Mobile SIM, comes in box Galaxy S8 by Samsung.com. Here are the steps:

Insert the SIM card to T-Mobile coming Galaxy S8/s8 + box (only on one device)

Go to the secret page: Http://www.Samsung.com/US/Support/Account/#Carrier-Activation

Log in to the Samsung account

Press the “master plan” under S8 that you want to Activate

Log in to Your T-Mobile account (you will need YOUR PIN/password, billing zip code, and phone number that you want to use your phone)

Conditions for the operators agree

If all goes well, your SIM card will be activated (can take up to 24 hours) and you can use your phone as usual. This is the only way to make sure your Samsung lived up to the side of the phone by activating the BOGO offer on T-Mobile. Unfortunately for me, I never made it over the log T-Mobile part of activation before was greeted with the following error message:

Edit: it seems that adding the active T-Mobile sim (from a previous device) for S8 and try to activate it on Samsung.com is what is giving me the error. According to Samsung’s support, this method will also work for the promotion, but I would avoid going this route to avoid the questions that Your rebate claim, How To Redeem Samsung’s BOGO..

If you see the above error, not-I repeat, not — try to contact T-Mobile through theerror messages you see. You will bounce around customer support for several hours, just for you say You have no knowledge about Samsung promotion. The only reason why you call T-Mobile is to sign up for an account/new line of service, or enablethe SIM card that came in the box Galaxy S8 (avoid this at all costs).

Step 2: wait

From there, log in to your account on Samsung devices (setting “cloud andaccount”) the same “) account”) the Samsung account) and wait for the 7–10 working days for the refund to be made on Your original form of payment. According to Samsung support, it’s very easy.

If after 10 business days you do not have a refund for one of the devices (maximum$750), you need to contact Samsung to see what the heck is all about. Unfortunately, there is no way to check the status of your rebate Samsung web site has been approved, pending, or you did not qualify for any reason (if you are outside the dates of the promo is valid, for example). According to Samsung, you only have 14 days after the device has been purchased to activate and claim your discount.

You can check Your suitability for Samsung BOGO deal by calling Samsung at: 1–855–726–8721 (press 2 for your order has been placed).

Sometimes in 7–10 today, Samsung will send you a confirmation email saying thatmobile phones have been activated or an email with a link to activate your phone on your site, which we have already described in step 1.

I hope you do not have the same questions that I’ve had with the activation, but after Samsung support, even if you don’t do anything during this time, the refund should still hit your credit card independently, so keep an eye for it. Remember, you only have 14 days off if you buy equipment with your discount, so there is little room for error.

What about entertainment kit?

If you have not received your entertainment kit (which has 64 GB Micro SD card, wallet bag, headphones, and 6 months of free Netflix)-for any device that ordered Samsung support said it is behind and should be shipping in mid-July.

Netflix free for 6 months (ordered for each Galaxy S8), email must have taken your Inbox and if you’re like me, you may end up in spam folders, so check there if you have difficulty to find it.