10 Chrome Extensions to Instantly Become a Better Marketer

Let’s face it. Being a marketer in 2017 ain’t easy.

We have more access to information, tools, and resources to the point that it is overwhelming. Just look at the headache-inducing graphic below:

Fortunately, somewhere inside all that noise exists a few tools that are music to our marketing ears. From SlackBots to marketing software to browser extensions, there are amazing resources that make it possible for marketers to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and return on investment.

In this vastly competitive marketplace, you, the consumer, are the King and the Queen…as long as you know where to look. That search begins with your browser. Today, 2/3rds of browsing sessions occur on Google’s Chrome browser. It’s without question the fastest growing browser ever:

browser use graph
Browser Reader Breakdown copy

One driving force behind this massive growth are the hundreds of thousands of small software programs called Chrome Extensions available to the public. These are very similar to apps on your phone — improving and empowering the way you use the web.

Chrome Extensions are essential to my day to day productivity both as a human being and as a full stack marketer. Though I have tried hundreds of different extensions over the years, the following 10 Chrome Extensions are essential to becoming a 1-person marketing machine. Should you read all the way to the end? Download my personal favorite Chrome Extension for the answer to that question

1. Google Analytics Chrome Extension

As you can see, the Google Analytics Chrome extension gives you a bird’s eye view of the usage data for whatever page you’re currently on. This is a great way to make sure that your analytics are properly set up on each page of your website. You decisions as a marketer should always be backed by significant data, and this is a perfect way to stay on top of things.

2. Grammarly


In addition to basic spell-checking capabilities, Grammarly keeps an eye out for common grammar and syntax mistakes that make your writing clunky or hard to digest. For me, the only thing that bothers me more than reading grammatical train wrecks of blog posts or articles is reading over my own work and finding errors. Cringe.

cringe gif 2

3. Giphy Chrome Extension

Giphy just raised a $55 Million Series C round. With integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and Google, Giphy is driving the media trend behind gifs. I was able to insert the “cringe” gif into this post in under 30 seconds. Get with the times, people!

4. Check My Links

  • Category: Website Management, Content Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing
  • Price: Free — Download HERE

Buttons, email signatures, content sourcing, backlinking, quote attribution, suggestions for further reading, menus, footers, popups. Links links links. I sure don’t have time to produce content and then check my links one by one, so I use the “Check My Links” Chrome Extension to save about 15 minutes per blog post and have peace of mind that everything is working as planned.

5. Buffer

  • Category: Social Media Scheduling
  • Price: Free (up to 10 posts at a time)

Buffer allows you to schedule your Tweets, Facebook Posts, and LinkedIn updates from one single platform. It’s like AdHawk for social media management (Chrome Extension coming, 2020 ?). But seriously, if you’re doing ANY social media work and you’re not using Buffer, go set up your account right now! I’ll wait…

Now grab the chrome extension to “buffer” this article, image, or link without leaving your current tab. It’s a beautiful thing.

Bonus Tip: Create an account on Social Bro to generate the best-time-to-Tweet schedule that you can import into Buffer to guarantee you are posting at the peak impression moments.

Alternative: Bit.ly for link shortening, management, and tracking — Download HERE

6. Panda & Pocket Chrome Extensions

  • Category: Content Curation
  • Price: Free — Download Panda & Pocket Extensions
Pocket Chrome Extension in Action

Pocket allows you to save articles you come across online and read them later on your devices even when you are not connected to the internet. Panda is a curated feed of the best content from sites like Hacker News, Wired, Product Hunt, Dribble and more. Combo Panda with Buffer and you have a high-quality backlog of content for your audiences.

7. One-Tab

If you’re like me, your browser looks something like this when doing research or juggling multiple projects at once:

That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but opening too many tabs puts a lot of stress on your RAM and operating system. As demonstrated above, with One-Tab you can maintain your multitasking abilities (or lack thereof) without the stress on your computer. Nothing hurts productivity more than something that literally slows down your entire operation.

Alternate: The Great Suspender pauses any tabs that have been inactive for a while. I actually prefer Great Suspender and then have One-Tab for extreme situations when my click-happy browsing gets a bit out of hand. Download for free HERE

8. Clearbit Connect for Gmail

  • Category: Networking, Cold Emailing
  • Price: Free — Download HERE

Clearbit Connect helps you find the email address of just about anyone at a certain company. This is awesome for reaching out to potential customers in a cold email or creating business connections inside of targeted companies. It not only has a search option, but also populates current Gmail contact information with Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social information associated with that email address.

9. SEO Site Tools

  • Category: Keyword Research, SEO Auditing
  • Price: Free — Download HERE

SEO Tools Chrome Extension provides you a massive amount of data for each page you visit on the web. Form Social Stats, to Keyword rankings, this Chrome Extension allows you to analyze your own website against competitors. Looking for more SEO-focused tools? Here are 5 more SEO Chrome Extensions you may find useful.

10. List Builder for Twitter

twitter list builder

There are a number of ways to grow your Twitter following, as we’ve covered, and one great way is to create Twitter lists. That said, it can be a painstaking process going through accounts and adding them. The List Builder Extension allows you to bulk-add Tweepies to an existing Twitter list. This is a great way to get your account and brand in front of mass amounts of people (everyone gets a notification when added to a Twitter list). We recommend pairing this with relevant events in your community or trending topics like #PPCchat or #AskAdHawk

The only thing better than Chrome Extensions are Ad Extensions

In addition to these 10, the final piece of my productivity puzzle is Google Drive. For those of you whose lives are also stored on Google’s cloud, I don’t need to explain how important it is to me and my professional workflow. To even further supercharge my productivity within Docs, Sheets, and Presentations, I created a Google Drive Shortcut Keyboard Cheat Sheet!

Pre Theme Change Docs Productivity copy copy

Originally published at AdHawk Blog.

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