3 Ways to Add Some Creativity to Your Digital Ads

Hey marketers! It’s time to move away from your boring text ads and monotonous 140 characters. There are too many people fighting for your piece of the digital pie for you to continue pushing painfully boring content that more closely resembles Bill Murray’s camouflage than some eye-catching razzle-dazzle. Take a look at 3 things you can do to spice up your digital ads and content:

1. Using Emoji’s in G👀gle AdWords

It’s time to break away from the 90’s catalogue design Google’s ads are limited by:


[35 Characters]

[35 Characters]


Before proceeding, shoutout to WordStream’s Larry Kim who wrote a killer article testing emoji inclusive ads versus standard ads. Adding emoji’s to your text ads is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is create a text ad campaign as you would normally, and then use GetEmoji.com to find your emoji of choice. We don’t think you can go wrong with a hard-hitting ⚡️ or dramatic Mountain 🌄. For the last step, you will need to highlight, copy, and then paste your selected emoji into your ad.

Emojis take up 2–4 characters from our tests, plus addition spacing, so keep that in mind. Kim’s test found a significant increase in clicks for Ads using emojis versus the same Ad that did not. Please note that emoji’s are not technically approved by Google and may result in longer ad approval times, so attempt at your own risk.

Fun fact, the most used emoji in Venmo is🍕. We love🍕 here at adHawk HQ.

2. Auto-play Gifs on Twitter

Whether you’re team JIF or team GIF, these simple animated pictures are an amazingly fun communication device between companies and consumers (why ask “what’s up” when Bugs Bunny can say it for you?). Good news for you GIF obsessed marketers if that they now automatically play on Twitter Feeds as users scroll through.

As with video content, attaching a GIF forces users to stop out of curiosity and increases the chance they engage with your tweet.

3. Emotions & Videos on Facebook

We’ve talked a lot about Facebook video in previous posts because video is growing at a rapid rate, and Facebook now only charges you if your video ad plays for at least 10 seconds.

Like Twitter GIFs, Facebook Videos break up the incessant posts and pictures from Aunt Nancy’s trip to Yosemite with eye-catching content. In fact, Facebook video content gets the most organic reach out of every post type, saving you money when trying to reach an optimal audience.

A second trick to help your Facebook posts stand out is through the use of Facebook’s emotions filter. Simply tacking on a descriptive using the smiley face beneath the text box or adding one of Facebook’s specific emoticons “can increase Likes by 57%, comments by 33%, and shares by 33% over posts without them” according to the folks at HubSpot. Those are big increases for a simple action.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to push content for the sake of pushing content. Take the extra steps to shake and bake a little more creativity and emotion into your posts.