Complete Guide to Google Adwords Scripts: Set Up and Best Practices

Have you ever checked your Google Adwords account, only to find the worst?

No matter how much time and effort you put into your AdWords campaigns, some thing just don’t go as planned. Depending on how many other hats you’re wearing for the marketing team or business as a whole, you don’t have time to keep a constant eye on budgets, broad match keywords, quality scores, click-through-rates, budget pacing, etc. etc. etc.

Fortunately, Google AdWords Scripts can save do everything from automatically pausing low-performing ads to alerting you when certain account conditions occur (inside Slack, email, or text). So we put together 10 of the best scripts to automate, protect, and analyze your adword campaigns.

But First, What are AdWords Scripts?

According to Google, AdWords Scripts are built using “a JavaScript cloud scripting language that provides easy ways to automate tasks across Google products and third party services and build web applications.”

Basically, Google Scripts are pieces of code that can interact with your Google AdWords Account! If you’re like me and have never touched a line of code in your life, you are probably thinking about ending this article a little early…but here’s a secret:

You do not need to write a single line of code or have any coding experience to utilize Google Scripts in an effective manner.

There are a ton of incredible prewritten scripts, like ones that can adjust your bids based on the weather, or leverage Amazon to find high commercial intent keywords. These scripts can be easily applied directly to your AdWords account, which provide three major benefits:

1) Automating tedious tasks and making changes to a large number of AdWords campaigns or accounts

2) Setting safeguards and notifications on your ads that respond to an external trigger

3) Aggregating and analyzing different campaign metrics

How to Access the Script Console

Before we dive into the list, we put together a quick tutorial on how to access Google Scripts. If you are familiar with the process, feel free to skip this section, or watch our video tutorial.

First, enter AdWords manager, and click on [Bulk operations]

Next, click on “create and manage scripts”

Click on +script

Here is the Scripts console, where you can copy and paste your code

And that’s it! When using scripts, make sure you click “preview” to make sure everything runs smoothly before saving.

Free AdWords Script Examples you can run today!

1) Pause Ads With Low CTR or Low Impressions by Russell Savage

Have you ever realized that your ad just isn’t working, but already spent money on the failed campaign before you could pull the plug? With this script, you can automatically pause the worst performing ads in an adgroup. (you can also run the same process for impressions with this script.)

Now here’s the trick with these automated scripts; once you save the script, go back to bulk operations, click scripts, and next to the script you just created, click ‘create schedule’, and set the frequency. The script will run and execute its task every period.

2) Quality Score Tracker by Martin Roettgerding

The Quality Score Tracker is a script that will document all of an account’s quality scores into a Google Sheet. In case you don’t know, quality score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of your keywords, website and ad copy. The higher your quality score, the less Google will charge you to achieve the same ad position. As your score decreases, Google will charge you more and more to run your seemingly irrelevant ad.

Image: Word Stream

3) 24 Hour Bidding Schedule by Brainlabs

Google Ad Scheduling only allows for six bidding windows in one day. If you are the average marketer, this is more than enough time; however, the data driven marketer would like as many bidding opportunities as possible. Luckily, with the magic power of scripts, the dream becomes a reality. This tool by Brainlabs allows you to enable bid adjustments for every hour of the day. More time = more money.

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4) Daily Budget Depletion Tracking by Google

Are you running multiple campaigns that have strict budgets? If so, this script is worth checking out. Given to us by Google, this script will create a document that will keep an hourly report on your campaign budget levels, and color code campaigns relative to budget spend, green (50–69%), yellow (70–89%), and red (90+%). This script works best with high volume promotions, such as holidays, sales, or product launches.

5) Account Monthly Budget Pause by Sean from Pushfire

Under normal conditions, you can only pause a campaign when the campaign’s budget is met. With this script, you can end a campaign when the total account level cost is met. Simply set “CUTOFF_COST” equal to your budget, and schedule the script to run hourly. The script will pause all active campaigns in an account if the month’s budget is met.

6) Send notification via Text or Email when Ad is rejected by Google by Derek Martin

This Script allows you to receive a text message and email when one of your ads is disapproved. You will need to sign up for a free Twilio account, and place your API Key (Sid) and Token in the code, along with your Twilio phone number, your personal phone number, and your email.

7) Bid Testing by Google

Google already provides you with some powerful testing tools, such as rotating multiple ad images. This script automatically applies different bids to your ads, and records the results in a Google spreadsheet. Depending on the scheduled interval you set the script for, a new bid will be applied based on the previous period’s bid. You will quickly be able to see which bid performed the best.

8) Sale Countdown by Google

Every marketer knows that urgency is a powerful sales tactic that can dramatically increase the effectiveness of an ad. This script allows you to display up-to-date values in ad text. This kind of automation is perfect if you are running a promotion or sale; the script calculates how many hours and days until a promotion is over, which is incorporated into the ad text.

9) Account Summary Report by Google

This script creates a full report of your entire AdWords account, including metrics such as date, cpc, ctr, impressions, clicks, and avg position. You can also enter your email address into the spreadsheet to get the report emailed to you daily. Google recommends you schedule this to run “Daily, 3am or later to guarantee accuracy, since AdWords statistics may be delayed up to 3 hours.

10) Slack Notification CTR Script by AdHawk

If you are a Slack fanatic like us, this script will take your experience to the next level. This script will send a notification via Slack when any of your active campaigns fall below a set CTR. To implement, you will need a Slack Webhook URL. Navigate here, scroll down and click “Set up an incoming webhook.”

Click “Add Configuration,” and select which channel you would like the notification to go to. Copy the Webhook URL given (should look like….)

Now in the script, replace “WebHook URL” with your given url, “CHANNEL” with the channel you would like to receive the notification, and “CTR” with the level you would like the notification to trigger. (Keep the url and channel in quotations, and leave the CTR number out of quotations.)

What is your favorite script?

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you have any trouble implementing a script, or if you want to share how you are implementing your scripts!

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