Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #71


1. Google Advertisers Can Now See Historical Quality Score Data in AdWords

Mysteries behind the illustrious “Quality Score” are being revealed! Understand the intricacies and aim for near perfection.

2. Google’s Speech Recognition now has a 4.9% Word Error Rate

Google’s tightening up it’s Assistant as over 20% of searches are now vocal.

3. Hi Siri, Google Assistant is on the iPhone Now

I wonder if the two can talk to eachother? Regardless, here’s the consensus regarding which is better.

4. Mythbusting 101: “e-commerce” vs. “ecommerce”

Ahh…the age old debate. Personally, I prefer eCommerce.


How to Use the AdWords Scripts Console

Learning a new language is scary! But with even the littlest knowledge, you’ll be implementing scripts that can save you hours each week.

Take the first step and get to know the AdWords Scripts console here.


1. Slack is Killing E-Mail

2. Facebook Admits to 10th Measurement Mistake Since September

3. Sunsetting Manual Location Extensions from Feeds

4. Pinterest Will Use Image Recognition to Target Ads

[Video of the Week]

For the small fee of $123.99 you can buy yourself 10,000 ‘Facebook Likes’. It’s a multimillion dollar industry exposed by the video below.

Originally published at AdHawk Blog.

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