Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #76


1.🚫 How to Make Google Ads Without Getting Blocked by Google’s New Official Blocker

Google Chrome and Safari are stepping up their ad blocking game — make sure your ads survive.

2.🤖😨 Facebook Teaches Machines to Negotiate with Humans

Just another reason 2017 is the year of the chatbot!

3. 🔭 How To View Bing Spend in Google Analytics

Learn how to dominate Bing Ads with sitelink extentions, and enjoy the results in Google Anayltics.

4. 🔢 What the Online Advertising World Can Teach Us About The Evolution Of Machine Learning In SaaS

Is another evolution of the SaaS ecosystem coming?



Read: How to Master Ad Rotation in Google AdWords
 Deciding on which ad to choose is more than picking the one with the prettiest picture. Check out our guide on how to find your best ad through Ad Rotation!


1. The Race is on to Challenge Google-Facebook ‘Duoploy’ in Digital Advertising

2. Google Advice: Switch your M-Dot Domain to Responsive Before the Mobile-First Index Rollout

3. Reddit: What is the Strangest Industry you have had as an Advertising Client?

4. Startup Raises $35 in 30 Seconds with Crypto-Currency Offering to Disrupt Digital Advertising

[Video of the Week]

AdHawk co-founder Todd Saunders walks through how Google Adwords rotation works

Originally published at AdHawk Blog.

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