Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #79

Digital Marketing Weekly Newsletter 78

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Happy Friday! We’ve curated an awesome list of news and articles for you this week, including tips on how to automate your AdWords accounts without having to know a single line of code.

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Read: Complete Guide to Google AdWords Scripts: Set Up and Best Practices

Want to automate everyday AdWords tasks like pausing low-performing ads? Learn how to use Google Scripts and make your life 10x easier without having to know a single line of code.


Bob Knorpp

With a 20 year consulting career behind him, Bob Knorpp hosts one of the most popular and informative marketing podcasts in the market, The Beancast.

Bob invites panel of top C-Suite executives and senior consultants on to his show every week to discuss all the latest marketing trends and news.

The show is always enteratining, educational, and of the highest quality. Be sure to tweet at @bobknorpp and let him know we sent ya!

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10 Best Resources to Learn SEO

In this video, Dan from Evolving SEO provides his 10 favorite resources to learn SEO including links from Google, MOZ, Nuzzle, and more.

1. Google Starter PDF
 2. Google Guidelines
 3. Moz Beginner’s Guide
 4.1 My SEO Podcast
 4.2 List of Other SEO Podcasts
 5. Google Webmaster Office Hours
 6. Google Search Quality Raters Guidelines
 6a — Quality Raters Guide Summary
 7. Moz Algo Change History
 8.1 Moz Q&A
 8.2 — Google Webmaster Forum
 9. Top 10 SEO Patents
 10. Events ( or Eventbrite)
 11. to Hire Consultant
 12. Nuzzle

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