Hacking Google AdWords for Your Startup

As a member of Techstars, we are thrown into the center of startup culture in Boulder, Colorado, and beyond. Though we help manage, analyze, and optimize a business’s existing advertising accounts, many of the startups we encounter need help starting their VERY FIRST campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

Helping businesses advertise online is the CORE of our business; it was Dan & Todd’s career at Google for years and is now their personal vendetta. SO, we want to help eliminate the starting barriers and learning curves required of these platforms with some key resources:

1. Reach out with any digital advertising questions ANYTIME using #askadHawk on Twitter

2. Hacking Google AdWords For Your Startup

- We recently gave a presentation for startups on how to go from 0 to hero once you open your business’s free Google AdWords account. You can find the slide here!

- We also have a massive amount of how-to videos to couple this presentation. You can find our entire library of over 20 How-To videos on our YouTube Channel

- Solve all your specific Ad campaign needs with these tutorials:

The Basics:

  1. How to Set Up a Basic Search Campaign
  2. How to Set Up a Display Campaign

Take the Plunge:

  1. Testimony: “My First Time Drowning in the AdWords Ocean
  2. Enable AdWords Mobile Bid Adjustments
  3. Enable AdWords Call Extensions
  4. Enable Sitelinks
  5. Enable AdWords Callout Extensions
  6. How to Set Up a Remarketing Campaign
  7. How to Set Up App Extensions — Google AdWords Tutorial
  8. How to Find Display Campaign Demographic Data — Google AdWords Tutorial
  9. How to Grant Users Access on AdWords — Google AdWords Tutorial
  10. How to Set Up an Ad Schedule Bid Adjustment — Google AdWords Tutorial
  11. How to Do IP Address Exclusions — Google AdWords Tutorial
  12. How to Set Up Location Extensions — Google AdWords Tutorial
  13. How to View Display Campaign Placements — Google AdWords Tutorial
  14. 2 Hidden Tools You’ll need down the road…