How to target specific email addresses in Google AdWords

As you can probably tell, we’re huge fans of multi-channel advertising. There are certain attributes to each ad platform that gives them an edge over the competition in different use cases. We’ve always said that Facebook’s audience targeting is more robust and intuitive than AdWords with features like advanced behavioral targeting, similar audience segmentation, and email targeting. That said, AdWords is not rolling over on this one. In the last few months, they have introduced more customizable ad extensions, Gmail Ad targeting, and Video Ad integration into the AdWords Dashboard.

Now, AdWords allows you to target specific email addresses for your existing ads. This is a great way to remarket churned customers and supplement existing email marketing efforts. This is a great way to build soft touch points to encourage certain stage customers to move further down your conversion funnel.

To start targeting an email list in under 2 minutes, check out our video or follow these instructions

  • Click on [Shared library] at the bottom of the lefthand toolbar
  • Click [View] beneath the first “Audiences” panel
  • Select [Customer Emails] from the dropdown
  • Upload the list using a basic CSV file
  • Click [Upload and save list]
  • Ad the list to an existing campaign
  • Select the desired campaign
  • Click the [Display Network] tab
  • Select [Interests & Remarketing]
  • Select [+TARGETING]
  • Choose an Ad Group to ad this targeting to
  • Select [Add Targeting]
  • Scroll down to [Interests & remarketing]
  • Select the [customer email lists] category

Now you should be able to target those emails with your ad campaign!

To target the inboxes of a specific email list, combine what you learned here with our video on how to set up Gmail Ads.

As always, let us know if you need any help setting up email address targeting on AdWords by tweeting at @tryadhawk

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