The Search Terms Report: A look at one of AdWord’s most important tools

Questions we will cover:

Which Google Searches are triggering my ads?

How do I add popular searches as a keyword?

How much are irrelevant searches costing me?

How do I access the Search Terms report in Google AdWords?

Reviewing the AdWords Search Terms Report is the easiest way to discover the specific keywords people are typing in that cause your ads to appear. In other words: here are the terms people actually search before seeing your Ad. Hooray real data! This is an especially important tool for advertisers who are using broad match, broad match modifier, or phrase match type keywords (aka 99% of AdWords advertisers). The Search Terms report will show you if your ads are displaying when irrelevant keywords are used — like buy women’s designer shoes prompting your broad matched ad for ladies basketball shoes — or top performing search terms that you forgot to add as keywords in your campaigns like the sick new Kobe 10’s

To learn how to access your Search Terms Report, watch the video below or follow these instructions:

  • Click into one of your campaigns
  • Click the [Keywords] tab
  • Click [Search Terms]

To add one of these keywords as a negative keyword:

  • Click the check box next to the term you would like to eliminate
  • Click [Add as negative keyword]

To add one of these terms as a keyword:

  • Click the check box next to the term you would like to eliminate
  • Click [Add as keyword]

As always, if you have any questions about how to access the Search Terms in Google AdWords, comment below or tweet using the hashtag #askAdHawk

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