Top 10 Digital Marketing Influencers You Need to Follow on Twitter

When you’re trying to sift through the 500 million tweets sent everyday on Twitter to find worthwhile content, it can be overwhelming to say the least. Even if you’re looking to parse through specific hashtags like #digitalmarketing or #seo, much of it is overgrown with spammers tweeting hundreds of times per minute. Let us help you assuage that frustration by starting small with these 10 (plus a possible bonus 11th🎊) Twitter users who are guaranteed to spice things up as you scroll, waiting for your frozen lunch to finish in the microwave.

Larry Kim


Followers: 95,889

We must confess. We’re big Larry Kim fans. From the trenches at, regular HubSpot appearances, and founder status at WordStream, Larry Kim provides deep insights and thought-provoking content through lead stories, digital marketing trends, and pleasant infographics. @larrykim’s feed hosts a perfect balance of self-authored content, important up-to-date digital trends, and personal snippets into his life at WordStream, as a family man, and as a overall marketing guru.

*Self-authored content king who goes viral when he breathes

Andy Sernovitz,


Followers: 20,411

After years of producing his own industry-altering content, Andy Sernovitz is now a fountain for information, consistently sharing posts from his thought children and Unabridged and free of the many frills that try to suck in viewers, @sernovitz cuts the fat that many Twitter accounts hold onto by simply blasting informative snippets in the business & marketing world.

*Notable feature: constant stream of quality information from accredited blogs

Ann Handley,


Followers: 298,833

From laymen guides on creating infographics, much-deserved blog shoutouts, and marketing-focused community seminars, Ann Handley does it all. Ann is SO good at this, that she helped build, an industry leading marketing blog, MOOC, and marketing strategist group. You can view free marketing-centered webinars like “Five Way to Prove the Value of Your Marketing Team,” on a weekly basis from her site.

*Creator of 600,000 member marketing professional marketplace for content, webinars, schooling, and more.

Danny Sullivan


Followers: 478,549

If you aren’t already following @marketingland and @sengineland, you can stop calling yourself a digital marketer. As a founder of these massive (more than half a million Twitter followers) sites, Sullivan can be found Tweeting his favorite articles, live-tweeting major media events like VidCon, and humorously bashing Google+. If you somehow don’t love a good Google+ rant, Sullivan still provides massive value, only sharing what he finds important in media news. Something tells us, he’s got a knack for that type of thing.

Gary Vaynerchuk,


Followers: 1,164,413

Topping out our list in terms of engaged Twitter audience, @garyvee has gone from marketing guru, to businesses hegemon. With his #AskGaryVee Facebook video series, Veynerchuk has diversified beyond twitter, whichmakes him more of a overall hero in the business and marketing community.

“Hustle, crush it, go big!” — @garyvee

*Think Jake & Amir get a marketing-focused MBA

Heidi Cohen


Followers: 28,946

When she’s not professing over lectures at NYU, Heidi manages a blog over at Actionable Marketing Guide. Unlike many marketing professionals, Heidi drives content towards measuring marketing ROI rather than simple content creation. Her article on making your social media marketing measurable linked above is one of our favorites. It outlines the struggle we are trying to solve at adHawk; very few businesses are capable of tracking lead generation, marketing ROI, and attributed revenue across social media platforms.

*@heidicohen’s Twitter feed overwhelms with quality rather than quantity

Joe Chernov


Followers: 22,391

Oftentimes, marketers can sound a bit like a BuzzFeed inspired broken record: 5 tips to crush [insects], the beginner’s guide to [potatoes], How [bacon] grew to over 1 trillion social media followers (we’re guilty of this, too). @jchernov combines insightful content with some authentic crass and wit, making his feed quite enjoyable.

*There’s something amazing about back to back tweets consisting of a “Sharknado 3″ drinking game and a 6-month Analysis Blog Quality vs. Quantity

Mike Troiano


Followers: 11,200

A true Bostonian with a knack for killer marketing tips, Mike Troiano brings a love of coffee, writing, and food trucks to the Twitter feed. @miketrap is an entreprenuer at heart, so he’s always looking out for the little guy even though he eats at the VC table on occasion.

*@miketrap’s Twitter feed keeps it real while providing some brilliant tips

Oli Gardner


Followers: 16,095

No matter how engaging the content a person shares is, link after link can get becoming draining. The Unbounce cofounder, Oli Gardner carefully shares proven marketing processes, lasting trends, and comical quibs from his daily life.

*A marketing, business , and overall “being a person guru” @oligardner will spoice up your feed

Sonia Simone


Followers: 21,430

To stay up on how women are absolutely crushing it in the digital marketing realm, check out @soniasimone. She’s original, empassioned, and a little snarky at times (in the best 140 characters way). As a leader of copyblogger, Simone helps curate podcasts, copywriting guides, SEO walkthroughs, and full-fledged marketing services.

*Women like @soniasimone rule the content marketing & #digitalmarketing spaces

*BONUS 11th* Rhea Drysdale


Followers: 19,699

To add a little SEO-focused flair to your Marketing feed, check out Rhea Drysdale. If she’s not promoting her own pro-tips from Outspoken media, @rhea freely shares some of the best content around on Twitter. As I said, many of the top marketing influencers are content-focused, but @Rhea tells it like it is in the SEO world, helping you avoid some cliches and major mistakes for your business.

*@rhea is a marketing pro & startup lover after our own hearts

If you’re getting a little hot and bothered by the massive followings these marketing professionals have accrued, don’t fret. They all started at 0 followers like the rest of us. It is important to note that the majority of this list have been on the Twitter bandwagon since 2007, when and yammer were still competitors.

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