Oh god , Who the hell did I saw in the morning

I didn’t sleep the last night since I had a lot to study. Like every other day I went to college in my Scooty. I reached school before the bell. The classes started. The first hour teacher came to class and talked about assembly language. I didn’t know why I couldn’t focus on my subject. I was sleeping in the class with both the eyes opened wide. The first hour finished, the second hour has ended as time passes. And the very waited Interval came. I got up from my seat and went to the coffee corner. But unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone in the coffee corner. On the way back to my class I met one of my teachers in the corridor and she started shouting at me. I was like “ oh god who the hell I saw in the morning “. I didn’t get any idea why she shouted at me.

Later , another 2 hours passed and at the 4th period, the teacher took a test paper. I was confident to write the exam. But what to say I messed up my answer. The question was to write about “prototype models “ and for the whole 15 minutes I wrote about “Process models”. The teacher stared at me and told me in a cold voice to rewrite the test tomorrow. Again in my mind “Oh god , who the hell I saw in the morning “.

I didn’t sleep last night for covering the portions of the test , yet I couldn’t write.

I thought the whole day is like a hell. From the morning till noon nothing happened that makes me happy. I told myself , “be calm you have the rest of the day , chill girl”.

The noon passed, the last 3 hours were lab. Before the bell rang, I reached the lab and asked the lab staff the permission to enter. But he denied. Soon after the teacher came we all went inside the lab and started to do our work. Later she started to ask the viva. She didn’t inform us early. She called us roll no wise.

Roll no 1 went for viva … came back

Roll no 2 went for viva….. came back

My heart beat raised because I wasn’t prepared for the viva. And messing up a viva will effect the lab performance marks too.

“Roll no 3…” Teacher called my number.

Somehow I managed to show my record to ma’am , She didn’t said anything . She started to ask questions one after the other….

Again …”oh god , Whom did I really saw in the morning “…..

I thought that “this very hell like day will be over once the classes finishes.

4.30 pm, classes are over.. and I walked towards the parking lot to take my scooty. I started my scooty and moved.

And the climax happens right now , I took a u-turn from the bypass and ride straightly.. Just in a blink of eye I saw a car coming in high speed. And I didn’t get the time to stop my scooty. The next moment I fell on the road. The car didn’t stop. Yes I got hit by a car.

People came around and helped me. I foot was bleeding. And I couldn’t move my knee. I thought for a sec that its my last day may be ..

Somehow I reached home and told my sister about everything that happened. The first question she asked was “ Did anything happened to the scooty”…

And not any later she asked the second question “Did anything happened to you “…

I was happy that she asked about me even thought it was not the first question.

For god sake I am asking “Whom did I saw in the morning “….

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