What I learned from Ind vs Ban cricket match that happened yesterday.

Wow! It was a terrific cricket match and nothing less than a thriller film directed by Nolan with so many twists and mind games. Bangladesh played a wonderful cricket and they were vera level and better than India yesterday. Their field placements, bowler rotations were top notch. If not the last 3 balls in 2nd innings, the match was totally in their control. Great work Bangladesh! Surely you are emerging as a cricketing powerhouse.

Here’s my take from yesterday’s match.

“Why do we fall? We fall, so that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”
- Alfred
  • Bumrah dropped a catch, was not good on the field and bowled a poor 2nd over. Still he came back and bowled a tremendous 19th over.
  • My take: Mistakes are bound to happen. We should learn from it and correct it as soon as possible.
“Trying and failing is better than not trying.”
  • Anything less than 15 runs to chase in the last over and with few good wickets in hand, Bangladesh victory was a sure shot. With back to back boundaries in 2nd and 3rd ball, most of us had lost hope. But still Indian team pulled out an amazing victory.
  • My take: We doesn’t know what’s in store. We have to push ourselves a little harder and give it a shot. Trying is better than not trying.
“Keep cool at all the time.”
  • No this is not about Dhoni. It’s about Pandya. Oh God! It was 19th over and after those two boundaries, he was still smiling.
  • My take: Keep calm and cool at the hard times. If we don’t, then haste makes waste.
“You don’t always have to make the right decisions. You have to take a decision and make it right.”
  • Dhoni the man who takes unconventional decisions and stands by it. He doesn’t always takes correct decisions, but he stands by it. Giving 13th over to Ashwin and last over to Pandya, taking the gloves off and running towards the stumps after that last ball, felt little odd.
  • My take: Once we take a decision, we have to be prepared for all the things as a result of making that decision.

Thanks for reading.

- Adhithyan