I’ve been reading a lot on the psychology of learning from books like Ultralearning, Make it Stick, The First 20 Hours, The Reflective Practitioner and more. I decided to put it in practice and test the outcome myself

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I took on a challenge of learning and leveling-up my skills quickly and effectively. In my previous post, I spoke about how I am going to be leveraging the techniques mentioned in the book Ultralearning to practice skills that are way beyond my current comfort level.

For years, I’ve dreamt of playing certain complex guitar pieces. …

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Pointers to keep in mind before delving deep in micro-interactions and pixel level details.

My first few years as a designer involved a lot of learning that was mostly through trial and error. It usually followed the format of — understand the problem, try a few ideas out, guess what process works best, and go ahead and do it. …

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A design critique of the new gestures and interactions on the newest iOS.

iOS 11 — as Apple calls it — is no doubt a “Giant step for iPhone” and a “Monumental leap for iPad”. There have been tremendous changes to the way one interacts with iOS on the different devices. With the introduction of the iPhone X, which loses the home button, there is an increased requirement to make actions possible with more gestures on the screen.

iOS 11 brings to our devices a significant number of changes that throws us off at the start (some of the new iPad changes threw me off, no doubt).

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Source: https://xkcd.com/1172/

Before getting into the depths of the critique, I’d like to make a few things clear…



Designer at Google. HCI grad. Constantly annoyed and delighted interchangeably. www.adhithyakumar.com

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