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I actually do not see VETO-ing as a problem. Different stakeholders bring different views to the table. They probably have a very specific reason why they are dismissing an option. Could be business related, engineering constraint, yes, there is a chance of personal bias as well, but good Product Managers know how to set them aside and take a call on what’s necessary at the moment.

There is always a need for a decider. A person who can take the call. A person who takes the onus of a decision. Remember, when the product performs well, it is because of the decision. And when it does not, PMs have the huge burden of being answerable. They sort of act as a shield for their engineers and designers.

Jake Knapp in his book talks about why it is important to have deciders in the room you are designing — in this case, having the problem vetted with them and getting perspective. And it is completely normal to have people who can just say NO to a solution, probably they have other priorities for the product or a completely different view on the problem which we are not able to see yet. Jake also talks about how we can possibly convince a reluctant decider.