April 2017 — Product Roundup

A look at some of the touchscreen projects we completed over the past thirty days.

As the seasonal market picks up, so do we. Last month we were fortunate to work on three of Toronto’s most anticipated launches, including Mississauga’s flagship project M City.

M City

We set out to reimagine the touchscreen experience and tasked ourselves with designing and developing a better interface. We worked closely with the teams from Rogers Real Estate Development, Urban Capital and LA Ads throughout the process, from ideation through to completion.

There were a number of considerations that needed to be taken into account. The first being that this project is the first in a multi-phase development. It is a natural fit for what we call our Multi-Project Platform (MPP). This allows clients to onboard multiple projects into a single application while providing users with a unified experience across all phases. The result is faster turnaround times, reduced long-term costs and improved scalability.

The second design consideration we needed to address was the sheer volume of floorplans and unit models (129 in total). Floorplans are the backbone of any condominium project and arguably the most important marketing asset a project can have. We developed a natural interface that allows users to quickly isolate units and identify a smaller collection of plans, without being overwhelmed by the range of units offered at M City. From there users could Favourite preferred layouts and create Digital Packages containing their selected layouts and project downloads such as brochures and renderings.

The third consideration was emphasizing the community surrounding M City and delivering it in a clean, on-brand aesthetic through the Neighbourhood section of the touchscreen application. The interactive map lets users filter points of interest by industry and type, including schools, parks, food and more. Every landmark on the map is complete with walk scores and detailed transit times that included estimated walking, driving and bicycling times. M City marked the first time we incorporated Photo View, something we had been working on for a couple months. This feature allows users to navigate landmarks and identify points of interest through photography.

M City, Touchscreen

The Plant

Our application for The Plant marked a bit of a milestone internally. It was the first project where we were able to simultaneously build a single touchscreen application that runs on two separate environments (Windows and Apple). We have built applications for various platforms, but never in a single coding environment. Historically, there would be a need to code parts of each application independently of one another. This lead to extended turnaround times and increased costs. We are now able to offer clients a more cohesive solution, compatible with multiple platforms, in a more affordable and timely package.

This is a huge win for our clients, and certainly for us as a company. We are constantly working towards creating a unified experience that allows us to organize and display project information in meaningful ways, regardless of device or operating systems. We’re closer to a future where a single application can run locally on sales centre touchscreens, tablets, as well as on the web.

The Plant, Touchscreen

Empire Communities

Empire approached us about streamlining their touchscreen applications with a focus on scalability and reliability. After working with them on their Empire Midtown project they decided to merge another one of their projects, the multi-tower Eau Du Soleil (EDS) development, within the same application. We discussed our Multi-Project Platform and mutually agreed that it was the better option for them.

They believed in the idea and saw the benefits of integrating multiple projects into a single application. Reduced costs, faster turnaround times and more effective cross-selling to name three.

The timing was right, as Empire Midtown had reached a critical sales mass and they would be selling the balance of inventory alongside EDS at a single sales centre. We wrapped up development of the MPP last week and the results have been more than positive thus far. 100% uptime, improved experience and marked improvement in engagement. Early indicators suggest that each project is receiving approximately 50% of the views, highlighting the ultimate strength of the Multi-Project Platform — the ability to browse inventories and information across multiple projects in a single space.

Empire Communities, MPP Touchscreen
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