What are the Different Types of storage units and Packaging Materials?

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2 min readMar 28, 2018


It is very essential to choose the right packaging material and storage unit for your requirement to ensure safe shipping or storage. There are different packaging materials available and knowing about the uses and drawbacks about each of them is very important to justify their use. Here are the various types of storage units and packaging materials:

Packaging Materials

Plastic: Light weight and low cost are the two factors that make plastic the best choice for packaging. Manufacturers provide plastic packaging of all sizes and shapes making it convenient to store different things. Whether you want to store a small and individual pack of food or you want to store a voluminous product, both can be conveniently stored in plastic.

Boxes: Cardboard boxes are the most used Qatar moving materials. As residents move from one location to another in the UAE, cardboard boxes provide them the convenience of shifting their things. The corrugated fiberboard variety of the boxes is widely and they offer stability and strength.

Bubble Wrap: Fragile items are best stored in the bubble wrap before being transferred to the boxes. The air filled bubbles on the plastic sheet provide extra cushioning and protection to the item that is being stored. When things are being moved around in the storage units or when unloading, the extra layer of cushioning prevents the item from breakage or spoiling.

Storage Units

Whether you are shifting to a new location or simply want a safe place for valuables that are not used regularly, you need to choose appropriate storage units to ensure safe storage. You can choose any of the following Qatar storage units as per your requirement and convenience:

Moving Company Storage: If you do not have the time or the patience to first pack and then unpack all the items before moving and relocating, you can take the services of moving company storage. The moving company will provide appropriately sized storage units that can be accessed as required. The companies providing these units offer round the clock security and surveillance of the units. Although costlier than the other storage options, taking the help of the moving storage companies is best for those that are short on time.

Self Storage Units: If you are looking for a cheaper option of storing your belongings, you can choose to have the self storage units. These are units provided by a storage company with the condition that you will pack and move the items to the units by yourself. You can visit the units as and when required and access your things.

Mobile Storage Units: If you want your belongings to be somewhere near you then choosing the mobile storage units is the best option. A unit, container or vault will be delivered to your location and you can pack and store your things.


The choice of the storage units and packaging materials is entirely as per your requirement. You must be careful in picking a reliable company for packaging and storing your valuables.