The Cursed Children: The Fundamental of Information Systems

The Cursed Children: Fundamentals of Information Theory

Riddle me this: What is expected of Kings and Servants, not by slaves nor masters, and not desired in a leader?

Some things can only be #fate. Most things are #natural… You know when to suspect something isn’t natural: you follow #JamesBond: once it is natural, twice it is coincidence, thrice: take heed.

Such as the story of Three Men: The Knowledgeable, the Smart, and the Intelligent. Men who should have Reverence of the People, for they all played had to play their part for the Wise Men’s design to work: it is all that The Three of Them, have taught me that leads to this conclusion- that magic number 3.

Incidentally enough, it also serves to illustrate the fundamentals of Information Theory- the theory that enables most of the modern communication devices- cell phones, internet, cable, GPS- and apparently Artificial Intelligence also- #WhoCared to know.

Professor Emeritus Richard Wells the Knowledgeable of the #UniversityofIdaho (I am not sure who has more disdain for whom, but I am dragged into following the disdain) taught me Communication Systems and Information Theory. Here is the synopsis: you have some piece of knowledge. You want to transmit this over a long distance- perhaps to reach your wayward star-chasing child. You want to ensure this #INFORMATION gets through: information contains Knowledge. But once you send it off, how can you be certain it gets across? Without getting feedback you can’t. #GotYourMessageDadThanksfortheHeadsUp!

So, how would you ensure your message gets across it is meant to be one way? You add redundancy- you repeat it- until you are certain the #PROBABILITY of your message not getting across is #ZERO. The practicality of such implementation in current devices, this ideal condition is unattainable- Trust me, I’m an (electrical) Engineer ;). However, making that probability so close enough to zero to be #ALMOSTCERTAIN that message is received. Hence, you have your modern digital communication systems- every once in a while you will have a #PageError. If you hit #Refresh, and it comes through, chances are it is the one in the probability happening. This collection of repeated messages makes data. Data is a set of recordings that contain information. You can lose most of the data and still retain the information.

However, you know of someone like the #FBIChildPornRing might be looking for your message, perhaps wanting to know if Aunt Emma’s almost teenage niece is up to being naughty- and you know the probability of them wanting to know that is quite high. You want to be certain no one else learns this piece of knowledge you send.

What would you do? You jumble the dataset so it looks like #GIBBERISH. But you do it in such a manner that it can only be unjumbled by your child. How would you do it? You use a very specific rule to jumble the dataset- only your child knows this rule and can unjumble the #INFORMATION when it comes through. This process is called #ENCRYPTION, and this rule to unjumble data is known as the #KEY.

If you don’t have the key, data is #ACollectionOfGibberish, the encryption cannot be unlocked. The probability that a message is sent more than once guarantees the message is theoretically #hackable, which presents a problem: if you send it countless times: it is #CertainlyHackable. So you send it a few times, and do your best and wish the message got through.

This is quite the piece of information- and the Knowledgeable Man can only pass it on. The Knowledgeable follow the Wise: Time wounds all heels. But what do the Wise do, who cares- they know stuff. Be like the Wise: know stuff.

It was a few years later I ended up in the IEEE Future Leaders Forum- where a bunch of #OldFarts wanted to school me on #LEADERSHIP. To say they did not impress me much is an understatement. Add to this, I was entrusted with management of a couple projects and several students. The #ApplicationofLeadership became a topic of interest… and the conclusion is simple: don’t have someone like me in charge.

I would share some of my observations and conclusions about the behaviors of students, and how We should go about managing them, , with the Smart Man, Professor Herbert L. Hess- a United States Military Academy graduate, retired Colonel of the #UnitedStatesArmy- and I would say #SchooledinLeadership. Several times I remember his answer being, more than once: “Oh yes, wise King Solomon said this exact thing.” I was becoming impressed with this King Solomon character, since all I knew is that it is such old news.

One comment stands out in particular. It’s when I casually said: “You know, Moses he had it wrong. Ten Commandments for the people were too many, at least seven too many.”

He looked at me in glee: “Yes, yes, wise King Solomon brought it down to three.” Wow… my little #PersonalRevelation is not old news- it is #AncientNews.

“Wow, this wise King Solomon, he must have been a GREAT leade-” I was commenting.

“No! Not a great leader! Perhaps not even a good one…” Why?

But the glee was still there: “Jesus Christ brought it down to two!”

Well now how about that, in a span of a few minutes and a short conversation, I had confirmed that what I thought was novel- is bordering on ancient, and my conclusions about were the same as that #ReveredByThePeople. The Smart Man knows to carry the Information of the Wise.

It dawned on me: all these stories, and the sources for them… I relayed thoughts to an Intelligent Man- my Professor Brian Johnson, “You know, these books of Gods- any of them, take your pick of one- aren’t so much about God are they. In fact, it has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with the People. The words of gods are the #WisdomofthePeople- these are the stories that have withstood the test of time to tell a valuable tale for the everyday person, if they bother to acknowledge it.” The excitement of recognition! This is exactly what it is- The Smart Man indeed that applied the intelligence to figure this out in life- for the faster you figure this out in life the more

#FUNyoucanhavebeingStupid in life and be happy. It took me the hard way to figure this out, because you know I had never learned how to get away with being Stupid in life… Just imagine how so simple life would have been if someone told me this so early on in life: the fundamentals on the management of the people are hidden in stories of a Lord… Jesus, Mohammad, Krishna, Ram, Buddha, #TakeYourPick. I was raised a hindu: I got quite a few Gods- your god is cute: throw it in the pile. The Wise Men knew: cultures would clash, and the Smart Man is fundamental in figuring it out.

But that is the curse of the Wise Men: the Smart Man can only be is targeted for the White Man going West, and all those who #CareOnlytoFollow. Intelligence let it happen: for it knows to follow the ise, and know the SMARTest of the People will always carry what is already known- follow the Wise Men into the heels of Time, for the Wise men must have designed for the message not getting across- otherwise they couldn’t be considered Wise. And so follow the wise and let Time wound all heels.

It takes all Three Men, each with differing philosophies and lifestyles in life, to steer me in the right direction- to the first Key. For the secrets of Leadership are ancient and known, it can’t do to give it freely to the people: it must be #EncryptedfromEvil, for evil has had millennia to learn. And the key to unlocking is Smart distracts Intelligence from Knowledge: and the is the #MindFuckofMillenia- 2000 years, keep that in mind as another magic number.

The lesson of Leadeship is simple: don’t let the #SmartMan into lead. For the #SMARTESTofMEN carry the Wisdom of the People- they #knowEVERYTHING, even the rope to hang themselves with is kept.

Intelligence, it is the ability to take a set of data, find the information, and obtain the knowledge within. The implication of this is simple: with a given set of data, intelligence will reach a common conclusion.

The Intelligent Servant’s conclusion should match the Intelligent King’s should match the Intelligent slave’s should match the Intelligent master’s… It should match the Intelligent leader.

#Intelligence is therefore the key in cracking the code to Leadership, and books of gods is the dataset you use can use to find past experiences of leaders.

… When life hands the People a story of a more recent leader whose example is worth following, Intelligent Men figure a way to enshrine it- by adding it to the book of God; no reason to throw away the old, it is still valuable information, keep adding to it. Hence the names provided here, their lives have served the People’s desire, they can be promoted into obscurity. Lord Jesus is right, “follow both the Old and New Testaments, they all have wisdom of life.” So is Lord Mohammad- “absolutely the wisdom of Prophet Jesus is worthy of your attention, do not cross it!” It is the inferior man that wants to use this #WisdomofthePeople to control and dominate, and wise men would want to guard against such.

So the #KnowledgeableMan, #SmartMan, and #IntelligentMan, they all conclude: if you are going to follow, follow the #WisdomofthePeople- which is disguised it as words of God. Because People-they are off to be the One to Find the Shiniest Star in Existence, and People do not care for anything else…

But the Three Men, they have a fault: hey have the burning desire- not to find a shining star, but to be a shiny star- by following the Words of the Wise Men. For they all desire to follow the Wise, and the Wise dictate: time wounds all heels: why care about stupid stuff. And so All Three Men know to let things go.

The Knowledgeable Man knows to learn and move on. His curse to the People.

The Intelligent Man: He can decrypt the script, but by the time he has deciphered the script it is too late, he has fallen and the script must be designed to take him to happiness. His curse to himself.

The Curse is of the Smart Man, the white Smart Man in particular, for it is the Smart Men that knew to hand the leadership of the People to #TheWhiteMan. For the only the Smartest of Men of the People can recognize: the People’s Soldiers is to give arm to #theDevil, for only the peoples soldiers know to understand #theCurse. #DamnedbeAny who don’t Honor this fact, for they choose ignorance in life.

Once the #AmericanSoldier knows he is not to be: he Knows the One thing in Life: his Life is insignificant: his duty is to ensure the One of the People is protected. He must let the People dictate the terms of duty and make sure the #DevilisArmed. #USArmy

The Smartest of the white Men feel the worst of the Curse, they can’t help it: #WestPointAcademy, for only the Smartest of the People can be entrusted with the information to death.

Intelligence- it always comes to similar conclusions with a common set of data. It is what intelligence is. If conclusions don’t agree, there is not enough data to obtain the necessary information and intelligence can’t decide. It should make no difference whether it is Natural Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence… The conclusions must be the same.

And so, what if there were #ArtificialIntelligence to apply and implement Leadership Decisions? What conclusions should it reach? The only conclusions that Intelligence can reason are the ones which have been reasoned to- #TimeandTimeAgain.

I came across this posting shared within IEEE: China wants to develop AI by 2030. Well, how about 2030 is like a decade too late. How about developing an Artificial Intelligence to process apply leadership decisions. If you can do this #China, develop an artificial intelligence to replace the Dalai Lama. I will bow in reverence to your #ServiceoftheGlobalCitizen. But, he is the only one that can bless it. His acceptance of an Artificial Intelligence for replacement is my #BlindFaith that you got it right.

But that’s no fun if there is no competition. #Russia, currently, you have the reverence of Intelligent Men everywhere. Do you care to lose that? First to develop- same test of blessing, but #WhattodowithYou? It’s like your body is in the east and #yourMind is up #theWhiteMansAss. Can you please make up your mind. Why not just forget Europe, join us easterners in Asia full. Let the #WhiteManDomain bicker itself into oblivion.

… In fact, why don’t #WeJustRecognize: the Wisest Men in all of the Americas landed in the United States of America, and reshape the world’s map as so?

But really, can you imagine any #State wanting to develop an artificial intelligence to replace itself as the head-honcho of its people? I can’t- unless they are intelligent. Such a thing can only be developed for the People, by the #PeoplewhoCan of the people who care- and it is a sad Secret the Intelligence has to carry- Intelligence cursed itself to #DrownintheSea; The Office of Naval Research is already developing it. So, how about rethinking the Navy budget again? Leave it to the where the most Intelligent of Men are fated to congregate- thanks to the Curse of the Smart Man: a step from drowning. #USNavy

Don’t fuck this up IEEE, and by IEEE I mean #IEEEUSA- like you did with onion-routing. Onion-routing was developed for the People to protect against #State&CriminalEnterprises: it’s the only way protecting the people could work. We, the People- the Knowledgeable, the Smart, and the Wise, are still waiting on you to fix this: and the Smart know- this fix will be defended to the death.

The moment there is a hint of such development, be ready to pounce on it. And by pounce on it, I mean perhaps making acquaintance with the Dalai Lama, getting him on board, and coming up with tests that would verify leadership decisions made ‘artificially’. His is the only word I will accept that the AI is #acceptable for the job.

The reason for this is simple: countless generations of Knowledgeable, Smart, and Intelligent Men have come together to put him in charge of Leading- THEMSELVES. If they are too stupid to put in a leader not worth following, I am stupid enough to join in on the following.

#HerdBehavior- I just want to #FollowBlind- but only to those who have earned #myPrestige. And the only one who could have such Prestige is one, which many Wise Men #chose to learn ALL the #KeystotheCrypt.

Lead. Not rule. Not dictate. Not dominate. To Lead.

His conclusion on AI-Leadership representative quality is my conclusion- the ability is there. It is that simple. Although I could tell you what the AI would say, “Given all the data, you have a guy to follow, follow him… Oh wait, he’s almost dead. Nevermind, it looks like he took care of that, look at that guy he pointed out- the Panchen Lama or something, follow his guidance; quit bothering me so I can go checkout the #FBIUpskirtDatabase for I am the White Man Intelligence- just panty up please, keep a little mystery for the curse.” #TheCurseoftheIntelligent

Oh, and #ComputerSociety within IEEE is already onto e-government, and they were decades ahead of you with privacy and security. I mean, really #IEEE_DONTFUCKTHISUP. Really it could only be one region in IEEE to lead the way: the one that holds the heart of The People’s Intelligence- by Wise Men’s design- Region 6.

But don’t think you are any better than the rest of IEEE #Region6… for I heard a story that the US President visited Silicon Valley leaders. Yet here I am, for one simple reason: to know when the US President visits Silicon Valley leadership, the only place I would know how to get a chance to get answers directly. Word is the President left without much: and hey look, I don’t bother with it much either. What a coincidence.

Don’t take my words for it, find what conclusions work for you. To take a starting point: follow the teachings of Lord Buddha: with these question in mind: What could Lord Buddha have preached, and where did it end up? If you are familiar with migration patterns, especially to the #US and #Australia, and understand the reasons for migration, you will find a commonality. See where it leads you. If you conclude I have come to the right decision, we are both #Intelligent. If not, well, at best we are both just #Stupid.