It was the 26th of April; I was prepared for a hectic Monday at work. Without a warning, BangtanTV started a live stream. I joined millions of Army fans to watch a bright yellow animated cube of butter with BTS logo, melt into a heart. Set to a busy kitchen ASMR, a timer was counting down towards the announcement of the new single “Butter.” It is set to release on 21st May 2021 at 13:00 KST.

The hints

It has only been a couple of months since BTS announced the release of BTS, The Best on 16th July 2021, and shared “Film…

In this wild year of 2020, the world’s biggest band has brought joy and hope to a global audience, reassuring that ‘Life Goes On’.

Set against the backdrop of vulnerability, the world hit a pause in 2020 and everyone struggled to maintain a connection. Government at all levels had ordered a shutdown of physical event spaces. The entertainment industry was down on its knees with canceled tours and closed venues. This new normal could’ve brought significant discomfort to our boys. BTS has always been known for its spectacular, high-energy live performances in massive stadiums.

Despite 2020 barring every opportunity of…

Bangtan’s hyung & Army’ worldwide handsome! ❤

4th December 1992 is the birthday of Kim Seok-Jin of BTS, the Hyung of the boys. As an admirer of the group, this is indeed a day that brings in many fond memories for me. But, before I could even get started on my countless trail of thoughts, Jin surprised the fandom with his new track: “Abyss” ❤

The cover picture features a man in front of a blue backdrop, starring into a distance, with Jin’s mellifluous voice singing along. This gift of new music was soul-stirring — soft, yet piercing. The…

1. Butter Official MV | 21st May 2021
2. BTSxBBMA | 24th May 2021
3. The Late Show | 26th May 2021
4. BTSxGMA | 28th May 2021
5. Butter Official MV (Hotter Version) | 28th May 2021
6. Butter Special Performance Video | 30th May 2021

For the pilot episode of “How I implemented this,” Ambi from Zoho sits down with Divya Aldrin and Sharath Kumar, the founding members of D4A Cloud services, to talk about a large, complex, and rewarding Zoho solution.

Here’s their complete story, from sales to a successful implementation.

Business profile

Leisure is a location-based entertainment company in Qatar and Netherlands, whose goal is bringing innovative experiences and people together. In 2016, they launched the largest indoor and outdoor family entertainment destination in Qatar, encompassing:

We are all allowed to have our preferences — likes and dislikes. There’s no mandate to like an event / piece that’s popular at a given time. However, dismissing such an event with no analysis is ignorance.

Verified Twitter :

The twitter of yesterday saw a series of statements coming in from verified twitter accounts of the UK. Their statements were dismissive of the impact, backed by no reason, but provocative remarks such as: “Please no” , “little Korean boyband”, “not important” .

I understand that people have different musical preferences. …

On 13th August 2020, BigHit scheduled their conventional corporate briefing with the community to update the fandom and enthusiasts on the first half of 2020 and set our expectations for the rest of the year. Here’s BTS specific information from the hour long business-community meeting.

2020 World Tour cancellation

Bang Si-Hyuk, Chairman and CEO of BigHit Entertainment, opened the meeting on on their plans before COVID struck the world. They’d envisioned a world tour starting from Seoul in April and expanding to 16 other countries in the US, 7 in the EU and then cross Asia to conclude 2020. …

Tiny Tan X Downy Commercial

Who is the ‘laundry fairy’?

Fairy refers to a mystical being with magical powers. And, a laundry fair is an ethereal being that cleans the and organizes the laundry, if they’re found uncared for.

Jungkook, the maknae of BTS, is observed to be the laundry fairy of the group. This is ARMYs inference after noticing Jungkook doing the laundry time and again in “BTS’ American Hustle Life,” show in 2014. The Hyung line have also mentioned of JK taking care of the laundry, at times. In Jungkook’s own words:

“The smell of fresh laundry makes me feel good. …

Presented by BigHit and BigHit IP

Big Hit IP is in charge of the intellectual property (IP) business of Big Hit Entertainment. The company works on planning and developing content by using IP derived from artists

The TinyTan MV drops on YouTube

On the 8th of August, 2020, YouTube was observed to be shaking by 7 little bangtan boys. Tiny Tan, the second self of BTS debuted in the music world with Magic Door. This animated video tells the story of Tiny Tan transcending to the real world through a magic door, to deliver the positive influence of the boys, and messages of empathy and healing.

BTS inspired Tiny Tan debut
BTS inspired Tiny Tan debut

“In TinyTAN, not only are the distinct characteristics of the seven members reflected but also the music, performance and the good-minded influence of the band are encompassed as well,”

Big Hit IP

Tiny Tan are the chibi versions of BTS. Chibi is a style of art that frames cute child-like characters with large heads and eyes with small bodies. Our boys of BTS are now represented as adorable characters and I believe that this representation will certainly deliver their message to a wider audience. …


Working professional. ARMY-7

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