Love from another Country

“ Distance is not for the fearful, it’s for those who are willing to spend time alone in exchange for a little time with people they love. It’s for those who knows good things worth to wait, even waiting in pain.” 14th of April 2017, where my life took a new point in being relation with someone with completely different country and different culture. It was whole new experience for me to think when it was me to propose her.

Well, long distance relationship does take guts. Guts to handle the stress and guts to deal with emotional instability. 1000 miles away from each other, promising each other to see soon and always to love each other; bounds us to be together. Even today when I talk to her, tears do fall down into lips just to tell me that hold on my friend, time will heal everything.

I still remember that day when she left back to her home. That time when we had to say goodbye until we see next time. Time paused, heart was pounding much more faster than anything, and body shivering just thinking of her going 1000's miles away. She cried, so did I. Cant explain all those thing in blog.

Nevertheless, we are very happy to be in relationship. Happy to be the reason for her smile. Happy to fall in her arms and sleep. Happy to have her in my life. Never expected this would happen. Well, thanks VSO for this wonderful gift, thou you suck in multiple areas. You mean world to me, world where you are the best thing that always happen.

Relationship is very easy to make but very hard to maintain. If you can’t manage relationship don’t fall for anyone. If you are in relationship, respect each other, respect feeling and always have mutual understanding. Love does not come to everyone.