Google Summer of Code-2019: Coding continues

Aditya Jain
Jun 17, 2019 · 2 min read

As I mentioned in the previous posts, that I’m working on Wikimedia hashtags search tool and my task is to add a subpage for statistics and charts related to a hashtag search.

Screenshot of a testing tool

I also mentioned, that the three primary graphs we were looking for have been displayed and the statistics page is linked to the main results page. In this week I’ve added some more lines of code that would allow users to download each of the statistics as CSV. The users of the tool can also view the full list of Projects and Editors online without needing to download them as CSV.

Me along with my mentor Sam Walton have set up a Test Instance of the tool on Cloud VPS So that we could take feedback from the users and work on top of that. The testing tool is now live here. While setting up the test instance I got to know a couple of new things that are important from an aspect of a Developer. Anyone reading this article is free to post their suggestions on the GitHub repository or drop me a mail at You can also give suggestions by commenting on the Phabricator task for the project.

Stay tuned for more updates. :)

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