Google Summer of Code 2019: Final Report

Aditya Jain
Aug 22 · 3 min read

Organization: Wikimedia Foundation

We know, there are various Wikimedia projects that are edited by volunteers around the world. Hashtag Search is a tool that monitors usage of hashtags in Wikimedia edit summaries. My project was about creating a subpage for statistics and charts related to hashtag search. More details can be found in the link to the proposal.


Work product:

Given above is an example search for 1lib1ref hashtag which is used by the editors during the 1lib1ref campaign.

Tasks accomplished

After clicking the show statistics button on the search results page, user lands statistics page. The three useful graphs were added to the page — Top Users, Top Projects and Edits over time.

Top projects graph
Top users graph
Edits over time graph

User can also download each of these statistics as CSV. A full list of projects and users is also provided. For example, a full list of users would look like this

A full list of users

Since user may also want to know details of a particular editor, a filter for user is also provided. Also, user can specify the type of the search(and/or) if multiple hashtags are entered. These filters are hidden by default.

The tests for all the new functionalities are added. We’ve also set up translations for the tool so that, the tool is available in multiple languages. The link to all of my Pull Requests merged during GSoC period is here.

I would like to thank my mentor Sam Walton who really helped me whenever I got stuck. I enjoyed working under his mentorship. This was probably the best summers I’ve ever had. Thanks to Google and Wikimedia for providing me such a great opportunity. I will keep on contributing to Wikimedia projects in future. :)

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