Google Summer of Code-2019: Second evaluation

Aditya Jain
Jul 30 · 2 min read

Few days back, I received a mail that I’ve passed the second evaluation. Although I was quite confident about passing the evaluation since me along with my mentor Sam Walton have made decent progress on the project by that time, but the feedback that my mentor provided really inspired me a lot.

As I mentioned in the previous post that the statistics page is live now. The documentation for the tool with the added functionalities is also available at the meta page of the tool. After discussion with my mentor I have added two more filters to refine the search. They include and/or searching and search by user.

We have realised that there’s no point in showing the Top Projects or Top Users graphs when filtering by single user or single project respectively. So, I have filed a Pull Request for that and it is merged.

Also the page numbering on users page looked a bit overwhelming when we have a large number of pages(for eg. 1lib1ref). So, I have dynamically paginated a view such that the number of pages does not exceed 10. The Pull Request for this is here.

Now, I am planning to work on setting up translations for the tool. Stay tuned for more updates on this project. :)

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