Today, I am thrilled to announce that we have raised $3m led by Atsushi Taira at Mistletoe, with participation from Y Combinator, the Thiel Foundation, Venture Highway, FundersClub, Lynett Capital, Gokul Rajaram and other angels.

This is a big milestone for our team. What started as a dinner table conversation during a school break, and subsequently became my Computer Science undergraduate thesis project at a Princeton University dorm a few years ago, has developed into a thriving organization of 70 (and growing!), serving more than 55,000 farmers across thousands of villages in India.

The only thing I wanted to mention…

First of all, I really appreciate the positive response I received to the previous post on “YC Application Advice for International Companies”. I hope most of you found the post and also my responses to all the queries I received useful while applying.

As promised, here’s the second (and last) post in this “series” that delves deep into the all important YC interview in Mountain View that the selected applicants are invited to. Like last time, besides this, there is a lot of advice available online for companies interviewing at YC. But last year this time, when we were preparing…

Before we even begin, you should have read this official guide thoroughly. Also, go over this FAQ which covers a lot of material for applicants in general, and some that deal with internationals as well (visas, moving to the Valley, incorporating in the US etc.).

There is a lot of unofficial advice also available online for companies applying to YC. But last year, when we were filling out the application, we were unable to find many resources that kept in mind international startups and dealt with their concerns / questions / doubts. So, I decided to write down a quick…

Which has the better app experience?

Before we get started, let us make a few assumptions:

Uber and Lyft for our area have the exact same rates. It will cost us the exact same amount to get from Point A to Point B.

In addition, the waiting time for a car for both is identical as well!

And finally, there are no differences in the cars offered by both — the car itself as well as the person driving it.

Having put that aside, which of these two apps (on Android) delivers the better experience? Which would you open first before the other? …

So where should we grab lunch today?

Over the summer in San Francisco, Yelp was probably one of the apps I used the most along with Uber and Lyft. So let’s take a look at its Android app, the one I opened atleast once every day this summer.

But before that, I should explain what I was looking for each time I used the app. Simply put, most of the times, it was one of the following two cases:

I am hungry now and need something nearby


I am going to XYZ tonight. What’s good there?

So, the analysis…

Where is it heading next on 7/16?

Last week, Airbnb quietly informed its “most valued community members” of a live streaming event on Wednesday, July 16, from the living room of the very first Airbnb. I received an invite as well.

There is not a lot of talk about it currently, but if you’d like to read a bit more, check out this VentureBeat article on the event that airs tomorrow at 10 a.m. PST.

Check back here tomorrow (7/16) for all the details from the event!

The New Airbnb Experience

It’s 7/16 and Airbnb’s live streaming event is complete. It was a quick 30 minute event with more than…

How it’s done currently and what else could be done?

UPDATE 9/22:

On having a closer look at the Airbnb Blog linked in the 7/15 update, I noticed that after 14 days, the reviews by the host or guest are revealed to the other person and the community, even if the other person does not review himself / herself.

This is a good way to tackle the issue that could potentially arise if this wasn’t the case (as expressed in the 7/15 update)!

UPDATE 7/15:

Airbnb Products recently published a post on its blog regarding the new review system. You can read it here.

There are a few changes — the host’s and the…

Aditya Agarwalla

Founder @ Kisan Network | YC Alum | Thiel Fellow | Forbes 30U30 | Princeton CS

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