Advertising on Linkedin — An Experiment

I carried out a small experiment with LinkedIn advertising a while back. A user usually gets a credit of €50 when you first sign up for LinkedIn marketing. Presently on a Job Hunt I thought it would be good idea to promote myself. Here are few of my thoughts and comments after using LinkedIn marketing for the first time.

As I mentioned earlier on that I’m on job hunt, hence I tried targeting recruiters and head of departments by promoting my profile.

I got around 50000 impressions and 19 clicks for the text ads I ran for around 4 days.

  1. Types of Ads:

Text Ads: You can either promote your LinkedIn profile/ Company page or your company website. The text ad gives you an option of having a headline, a description and an Image.

Sponsored content: Like Facebook you can sponsor content that you have posted on your LinkedIn company page. This content is then showed to users on their respective newsfeed based on the targeting that you have selected . Here are some of the text ads that I had made.

2. Targeting: I actually found LinkedIn targeting to be really precise and easy. You can target users based on their location, their job titles, their industries and then you have more options to choose from like company size, age, gender, member’s field and so on, if you want to target even more precisely.

I wanted to reach out to HRs founders CMOs and Digital heads in Ireland, so above was the targeting I chose. And LinkedIn showed me that I had the possibility of reaching around 15K+ people.

3. Bidding

You can either bid on CPM or a CPC basis. Choose your budget and timeline and you are good to go. Again, even this process was easy to understand. I had a modest budget of €45 spread across 4 days with a CPC of around €2.10. The CPC is high for my ads, probably because the targeting was narrow, I’m sure one would get a better bid if the targeting is more open ended.

4. Results

My ads got around 50K impressions with 19 clicks. 2 HRs actually dropped an Inmail and I’m in touch with them, also got a few new LinkedIn connection requests. At a modest budget of €45 I think these are some solid numbers. You can also take a look at the demographics you are reaching out to through out the campaign, I wasn’t shown the demographics probably because of the small timeline and budget of the campaign.

5. Next Stop

Other than the text ads and sponsored content LinkedIn also has a few other products based on your marketing needs. You will have to get in touch with the Sales team to know more. They also recently started providing programmatic display ads through open auctions and LinkedIn Private Auctions.

LinkedIn recently introduced conversion tracking for your ads, making the platform more efficient for marketers in terms of understanding the ROIs.

I’m sure in the coming few years or even sooner, LinkedIn would be planning on introducing more such features and tools which would help advertisers get better results and insights on their LinkedIn ad campaigns. It would be really interesting to see how LinkedIn can integrate and make itself useful from a B2C point of view in the future.

Overall I felt that the platform has lot to offer. LinkedIn has always been the network to built a professional community, and with 450M users and the number growing everyday, the LinkedIn marketing network is bound to grow from here.