Programming for non programmers — Takeaways

I had the idea of learning about programming, coding, etc for some time. I had never found the time to do it but I was sure that it was something I had to do given I head the digital channels division at the bank where I work and that I have frequent interaction with developers at work. After one month on Programming for Non Programmers here are some of my teakeaways:

  1. Inmense amount of resources available. It is amazing to see how many tools, programs, foundations, communities, etc exist out there that can be leveraged by anyone. Whether you are a beginner or an experience developer, much of what you can learn or use is immediately accesible (sometimes even for free). They are also pretty intuitive and easy to use.
  2. Collaborative spirit in programming. I had to seek for help every once in a while when I got stuck during the course and I always found blogs, Q&A sections or other sources of information that helped me solve my problem.
  3. The language itself is not what matters. Until this course I have had a large confusion in my head about different programs. I learned that many different options can serve the same purpose and the reason why someone chooses a specific program may vary. There are though some programs that better fit a need or other situations in which you don’t get a choice or have limited options (e.g. mobile).
  4. Hire for attitude, not knowledge. When looking to hire developers look for those with the most open mind ready to learn something new everyday; someone that can teach him/herself from resources he/she can find online; someone that can work comfortably in a team and voice his/her opinion.

Now after this course I think I am better prepared to talk to developers. One of the things I still would like to learn, though, is the whole development cycle from design, programming, QA, integration, publishing and putting a site / app in production. I would also like to dig deeper into mobile app development since most of the things we are doing and /or planning to do are in this arena. I would like to better understand how Apps can interact with the devices tehmselves and how can I best exploit all of the information I can get acces to when someone downloads and uses my App.

I also would like to learn some Analytics since there is tons of information out there from the customers using our sites and apps that can be leveraged.

It has been a exciting four weeks. I never thought I would actually put a site live on the internet. That was pretty amazing!

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