When there is a technocratic culture prevalent, engineers do not find value in having managers. They appreciate having direct communication with the upper hierarchy and do not see the need of having layers
Management is irreplaceable
Adnan Khan

That’s a great article I’ve read in a while! Fantastic combo of clear explanation and perfect examples!

Being said that, I’d like to differ with the highlighted part. Being a techie myself at a tech company, having my wife at a start-up tech company and knowing numerous tech guys in the industry, one thing I can vouch for, is, engineers never disregards value of a manager. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, they actually want managers.

You see, engineers of a tech company is like small chat bots. You give them task, you get them deadline, they do that stuff for you. The more precisely you instruct them, the more clear the deadline, the more they return. It malfunctions when you start asking them what do they feel about the task, or where do they see the company in five years. That’s the stuff for the manager or the CTO or whoever is the product manager. There’s a certain reason all of the tech company’s got hierarchy like,

CEO -> CTO -> Product Manager -> Project Manager -> Team Leader -> Engineers.

Engineers want managers because they don’t want to care about the decision stuff. That should be kept for the managers. And the engineers feel comfortable too with interacting with managers, as its a plain simple relationship, task and deadline.

The logic is simple: engineers want managers, so that they can get to the solid stuff of what to be done, without caring with the product-goal and other longer visions. That’s the stuff for managers and other posts I mentioned above.

Great read though!!