As a karachiite, we all are suffering from the different editions of drastic road experiences. Commuting from home to university is a daily challenge in a student’s life in an uncertain city like Karachi. Since it requires a lot of patience, tolerance and time management. One can’t reach at his/her destination on time if they don’t calculate distance time in their schedule. Luckily my university is not as far from my residence but sometimes it becomes the most hectic and energy draining experience due to the trash on the roadside, potholes, and insanitary conditions of the roads. My commute from North Karachi to my university (Jinnah university for women Nazimabad) takes approximately 30–45 mins (if I use public transport) otherwise it reduces to half whenever I use private convince. You can see the time difference that how much time is wasted on daily basis.

Sadly the area counselor is not taking quick actions regarding this matter. But the people of this area are equally to be blamed as they do not pay that much attention which they should have payed. My suggestion to this issue is: They should collect funds(4000rs per house) for the repairing rather than being dependent on the organizations to look after that issue.

Nowadays municipal community is very active in my district. They are actively cleaning the trash lying on the roadside. Kudos to all the team members but, what I believe is we as a responsible citizen of this city should also take responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and beautification of our city. A change in mindset can make a big impact in the maintenance of city.

Nazimabad is a commercial area. My university is located right in front of the Matric board office. One can imagine the daily traffic flow of this road but unfortunately, this road is also become the victim of sewage pipelines installation. Let’s hope this issue will soon be taken into account by the authorities.

The issues of Karachi will not be solved in the blink of an eye. I wish in the upcoming year I wouldn’t report the same issues that I’m reporting today.



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Adiba 213

Adiba 213


A food technologist scrutinizing the aspects of her life.