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Some pretty gross habits stick to us. No matter how much we want to get rid of them, It’s just so damn hard to, but maybe these habits aren’t so bad after all. Let’s see what disgusting things you probably do every day that is good for you.

#7 Peeing in the shower

Well, it’s something we never admit to, but most if not all of us do it.

According to Glamour magazine, They surveyed a thousand women and asked them different questions, Including whether they pee in the shower or not, and guess what? …

How you use props and state, and what each of them is?

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One of the most incredible things about react is its ability to manage your data and adequately re-render your application. When your data changes, but there are two main ways to React to think about data, there are props and their state. It can be a bit confusing to understand when you should use props and when you should be using state.

I’m going to break down precisely what props are and what a state is and why you should use props vs state inside your application.

React Props

So first we’re going to start with props. Props you can think about as like arguments to a function, when you create a component inside react, and you want to render it you’re going to pass it in the props that you want to give to it. …

Array and object destructuring

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Let’s take a look at some of the best features of ES6: object destructuring, array destructuring, and the spread operator. If you want to develop using front-end frameworks such as React — and even if you don’t— they’re incredibly useful for making your code much cleaner and more manageable.

Array Destructuring

Destructuring is the idea of taking an object or an array and converting it into smaller objects, elements, or variables. So let’s take a look at a simple example:

We want to get the very first two elements in that array. Usually, if you’re going to get the first element, you would do something like this. …

The Most Useful JavaScript Feature of ES6

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Over the last few years, JavaScript has seen massive improvements to its syntax and functionality with the addition of a bunch new features.

One of the most useful of those new features is the spread operator (aka the … operator)

Spread is super helpful, but its syntax is not particularly meaningful upon first glance. It doesn’t tell you much as to what it does. Fortunately, once you learn the three main uses for Spread, it will become one of your favourite tools in the JS toolbox!

According to MDN: “Spread syntax allows an iterable such as an array expression or string to be expanded in places where zero or more arguments (for function calls) or elements (for array literals) are expected, or an object expression to be expanded in places where zero or more key-value pairs (for object literals) are expected.” …

Do you know of Any Introverts Around you? Or You Identify as an Introvert Yourself?

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If yes? Then you surely must know that people usually describe your first impressions as being incredibly shy and socially awkward.

But they’d be surprised to how much more there is in you than meets the eye. Like every personality type, introverts also possess qualities that increase their attraction.

Here are Six things that make Introverts Highly Attractive.

1- You’re Very Self-Aware.

Are you somebody who strives to be more self-aware?

An introvert can know better than anyone else, they know themselves. You’re very introspective. You have got a stable sense of identity, knowing what you’d like. …

A Finishing Touch Can Make You PERFECT!

Writing clean code is not a simple task. The matter is there are numerous practices, tips, and tasks on this subject which is often overwhelming. As a result, it is often hard for a developer to choose those tips and practices worth following.

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Don’t call the World Dirty because you Forgot to Clean Your Glasses!

— Aaron Hill

Let’s make this task easier. During this test, we’ll first discuss some Benefits of Writing the Clean Code. Then, We’ll take a jump at some tips, or practices, for writing clean code to make it a good habit.

Major Benefits:

One of the most benefits is that clean code helps us minimize the time. We’d like to spend reading and trying to know the code. Messy code has the uncanny ability to hamper any developer and make his work much harder. …

An Attractive UI You can better alerts with

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In this article, We will explore and talk about Sweet Alert a JavaScript plug in to turn your simple Alert popups into an extraordinary one. Sweet Alert can also be customized and used as Input Dialogue, Confirm Dialogue, and much more. Let’s check it out.

SweetAlert webpage
SweetAlert webpage

The Official page of Sweet Alert where you can try the live demo. Now let’s add the latest release CDN link, and import the Sweet Alert min.js JavaScript link with a script tag to your webpage. Here is the CDN.

<script src=""></script>

SWAL stands for Sweet Alert, Now let’s start with the basic Alert popups. I’m going to call the SWAL function inside the button click event. And then passes the alert message that we want to display and that’s it. …

A Moment to Get Back on Your Life.

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Hello Friends, Here is one of the most underutilized Self-Transformation tips for you, Which I applied on my self too.

#1 Please Remember a Better Future Starts with a Better You.

Yes, A better future for you starts with a better version of yourself. This is my number one Reminder to you, And You know we all get caught up in this illusion that somehow, There’s something outside of me, There’s something far away or some magic recipe or some magic formula. But that’s an Illusion. Therefore work hard on yourself. If you want to improve your Future.

#2 Growth Is An Inside-Out Process.

Especially in Growth, Self-growth is an Inside-Out process, Even when a seed germinates it’s an inside-out process, When a seed is germinating the shell cracks open and the inside starts coming out. The seed is now when it Germinate, it’s now become too difficult to contain it within the shell, So it must break out, It must emerge into its new form. …

Understanding when to use which type of Array Method

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I’m sure you might have come across map() and forEach() while working with JavaScript. If you have ever worked with Arrays but there are some of my new details about these two functions that we tend to miss out let’s try to brush our basics with the help of this Article.

Functionality Of forEach()

Understanding the working of forEach() is simple it is a function defined on the array.prototype and hence is available to all JavaScript Arrays.

ForEach, It’s a function that we can call on any Array Object. It takes another function as an input. …

Is JavaScript Asynchronous or Synchronous? How Does JavaScript Work?

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JavaScript has evolved so much over the years that it’s difficult to categorize. Today, I’m going to dive into whether JavaScript is Synchronous or Asynchronous and what workflow looks like under the hood. And of course, also give you the answer most asking questions in interviews. Let’s jump into the article.

How Does JavaScript Work?

Imagine getting this question during an interview or how about this explain the difference between Asynchronous and synchronous in JavaScript? Or maybe they ask you to explain the statement “JavaScript is a single-threaded language that can be non-blocking!’’


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