Token Transfer Dapp is One (v1.0.0)


Token Transfer Dapp is an easy and optimized erc20 token transfer dapp; A decentralized dapp, to make quick ERC20, enabled tokens transfer

Since its initial release back in March 2018 (, Token transfer Dapp, has gone through some changes, in a bid to increase the functionality and accessibility of the Dapp.

An article titled Why we need an ERC20 Token specific Transfer Dapp was published March, 2019, highlighting some concerns n the amount of attention given to ERC20 tokens interactions, and a road map of intended features alighted. Since then, resources have been put into optimizing the dapp to provide the intended functionality.

Apparently, since the last article, there have been changes by some Wallet providers increasing the attention given to interactions with ERC20 tokens.


  • First, is the addition of the Add to Wallet button, which allows you add the token being accessed to the running Web3 browser, if compatible. This removes the need for the Dapp to maintain a list of favorite tokens as the wallet is a better and safer location for such information.
Add Token to Compatible Web3 wallet
Direct linking to the Token
  • The last and probably most evident update is on the User interface/User experience (UI/UX). This includes optimizations to reduce and remove distractions and focus on needed actions

These are just the obvious additions to the Dapp, since the last update. Next set of features will focus on other Token contract interactions, as well as optimization of the user experience flow.

Experience the updated Dapp online at and if you like it, clone, fork and build your local instance to optimize security.

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