Rafael and Family: the Stereotypical Upper Class

Arrogance and scandal are often thought of when the upper class is mentioned in today’s media world. This stereotype is often thought to be true for the upper class in general, not solely one race. The depiction of the upper class can vary from show to show, but Jane the Virgin is a great example of a show that enforces the norms of the upper class. Although Jane the Virgin both transmits and enforces cultural norms, in the latest episode, Chapter Fifty-One, many norms of the upper class were enforced, much to the detriment of current upper class citizens.

Throughout this episode, Rafael is shown making decisions regarding his son’s life with Jane, his son’s mom. One instance occurs when Rafael immediately refuses the idea of Jane being able to take their son Matteo to church on Sundays. In this instance, it does not seem like being an “assertive male” is the only stereotype that can be recognized. Rafael was brought up with a great amount of money and luxury, quite the opposite of Jane, which makes him come across as an arrogant upper class man.

Later on in the episode, Rafael has several flashbacks of his childhood that lead to the reveal of family secrets. He essentially reveals that his dad had some strange financial affairs when he died, but as to not tarnish the name of his father, Rafael had not taken action on the hunch that he had. He reveals that his family’s reputation was based off lies and stolen art. In this case, not only is Rafael represented in poor light, but so is the rest of his family. Because of this, the latest episode of Jane the Virgin ends up enforcing the cultural norm of scandal that surrounds much of the upper class today.

In today’s society, struggles of inaccurate representation of both class and race are a detriment to many. There are many people who exist in the real world upper class and do not fit into these stereotypes. These people end up losing because people have preconceived ideas of them. America has struggled with many issues centered around wealthy individuals, and unfortunately, this episode of Jane the Virgin did not do much to help the perception of the upper class. In fact, it made the upper class seem as if they have been hiding things not just recently, but for a long time. This could lead to a devastating level of mistrust in society.