Chasing the Sun

If a Boeing 737 leaves Chicago heading southwest at 548 miles per hour and the Earth spins at 465 meters per second how long with the airplane be able to keep the sun’s light visible? It turns out almost most of the way across Nebraska.

The common perception is that we need to unplug and appreciate those moments. But I was on the gogo inflight wifi from the moment we broke through 10,000 feet. It gave me a few captive moments to have some conversations that I wanted to have, that I enjoyed having that I rarely would have the opportunity to connect with had I not been captive for a 3:51 period.

I laughed.

In fact, I spend most of my time in the air connected. It’s allowed me a window to write multiple times this week. And tonight, tired after an all-day seminar the wifi wasn’t working and I was prepared to have an excuse not to share.

I carry a lot of guilt. In the air, it’s frequently about getting upgraded. Flying First Class is awesome. I frequently wish the flights were longer. Coach is not even close. [See Seinfeld episode on the topic.] And I get caught with the leftovers sometimes. Last week I did 5 hours from Charlotte to LAX in a middle seat…with no power and me managing a low battery on my phone. But for the most part, I ride with the few, the fortunate. And I know there are people behind me who are more deserving of a comfortable seat, who have worked harder, I don’t know what the criteria should be, who are older? Moms…probably first class should be just for Moms.

But maybe that’s it, yesterday I wrote about my awareness that all things are not equal. There are very few women in First. There are some but not nearly as many of my equivalents, young professionals.* I wonder why. They’re traveling, I know they are. I follow many of their Instagrams. So are the men playing the game better? I learned from my grandfather and my father (and my mom who most people won’t know worked for American Airlines for 11 years). Has nobody passed the tricks down to them? Maybe I need to share my travel tips. Or maybe I should give up my seat. I don’t know why self-sacrifice would be my first inclination. I wouldn’t be able to write this if I didn’t have the space both physically and mentally to think about how lucky I was to witness tonight’s sunset in such a naturally artistic form.

Fading to black.

*Quick check of the demographics tonight: 16/16 white, 2/16 women, 3/16 bald.

A Conversation Between Tiffany and Anthony

TW: Nice writing

AD: Thank you.

TW: I wanted you to write more

AD: I am now. 500 words/day (which I’ve already failed at) but it has me writing

TW: Good !

AD: I’m adding to my journals. Have one of the boxes is overflowing.

TW: I love that

AD: Yeah, I’m happy about it. Not because I’ll be famous and they’ll be important to anyone but because there’s a few people I would want to read them. And for me.

TW: I like reading my own stuff too

AD: I’m not always brave enough to read my own writing

TW: I used to wonder why sometimes I was tired

And went back and remembered

Low iron

Over trained

things that seem common sense but I forget

AD: Yep

TW: I have a good grasp on what I need to do to get ready for the season.

I started a habit sheet

This is how I got out of the hole after my ACL

Make five simple things I can do each day

And I feel so accomplished

I have seven now

AD: You have never allowed yourself to be complacent. Even when the endgame didn’t involve money, comfort, etc. You push on. It’s a great attribute.

That’s a good list!

TW: The brush and floss is before bed not like at all haha

AD: Say hi to your Grandma for me when you talk to her tomorrow. She’s the best.