‘F*ck It’ Gender Philosophy

John Parkin is a thinker considered the first person to coin the term ‘fuck it’ as a mantra and way of life: a revolutionary philosophical way which he defines as a letting go of control in your life in order to allow the flow of life to sway how it pleases. The nature of life is unpredictable and to avoid disappointment, we have to embrace the magic of giving in and just proclaiming ‘fuck it!’

I, however would like to propose a new ‘fuck it’ philosophy which extends to societal gender norms and how to reject them in an attempt to embrace a ‘fuck it’ philosophy which focuses on celebrating individuality. Humanity is diverse and what I hope to show is that by truly living according to your own standards (of everything), you will find happiness and never be disappointed or subjected to pain from rejection.

Let me ask you this, how many times have you asked someone (or have been asked): “what do you do?” or “who are you?”

Quite often right? Well, when we ask or are asked such questions, we usually define ourselves with the following.

For example: I am a:

lawyer/ musicians/social worker/doctor/professor/researcher/zoologist/veterinarian/officer and so on and so forth.

In the same way we define our job/career title, we define our identities in terms of man, woman, or (insert non-binary identity). What bothers me about these terms is that they are restrictive. To be a doctor IMPLIES that you help people, you work in a medical institution (hospital/clinic/school/in a home) and that your focus is on the human body. In the same manner, when one says that they are a man, other than genitalia, it IMPLIES that they conform to a norm that the men of their society comply to. To sway from this, socially speaking, (being feminine, wearing makeup or whatever), will bring taunting remarks and maybe new labels like ‘gay’, or ‘faggot’ or something else demeaning.

Where does ‘fuck it’ come in? ‘Fuck it’ comes in when you realise that don’t need to restrict yourself anymore. Yes, you may be biologically male or female or intersex, but that, in my opinion should say anything about who you are and what your personality is. Genders are so connected, maleness and femaleness are not universes away from each other and by nature, male and female brains are very similar (I am not disputing hormonal differences, that’s for another day). We should promote the fact that any gender can do any job, and can pursue any hobby ‘associated’ with the opposite gender. SO ‘fuck it’! Dress how you want (unless your job has a regulation), and live by your standards of beauty and acceptance. Be you, you’re perfect the way you are.