The Real World: Washington D.C.


This season on The Real World: Catfights! Drama! Tweet wars! The Presidential election of 2016 was no more than a petty reality TV show, and our media outlets are guilty of starting fires rather than putting them out. We may have had rather outlandish and unconventional candidates this year, and the race was nothing but smooth, but the tone of confrontation took on a completely different tone. Whether it was Donald Trump’s petty tweets or Hillary Clinton’s “subtweets”, this election seemed more like a race for high school class president than the same role on a national scale. Twitter, a platform that had the ability to get candidates closer to the people, only perpetuated online feuds and one-track minds. People only follow others who agree with them, and if they don’t, fire back… and that fire spreads.

Instead of ignoring such childishness, the news networks encouraged it. They broadcasted it on a worldwide scale, not only making our candidates but the United States as a whole look ridiculous. Instead of focusing on the important issues, they chose to show us which celebrity was endorsing whom, and what Trump’s newest insane, insulting tweet had to say.

I believe people voted this year, not based on a wide knowledge of the candidates stances and ideologies, but assumptions and generalities perpetuated by click bait articles and headlines blasted across our media sources.

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