So I have some crazy cool guys friends in my life. They’re handsome, God-fearing men who are examples of the Lord’s love and kindness to me every day. They uplift me and pour truth into my life and I can’t believe I get to call them my friends. But they also do this thing where they go all in on things. And that’s including romantic relationships. They go above and beyond to capture the attention and heart of the girl they want. This post is a reminder of what you deserve, because most of the time I forget just what that is. Sometimes I even feel like I deserve less than this. I look at my friends and see them pursuing the girls on their hearts, and I think nobody could ever want me like that. Nobody will ever seek after my heart the way they do for their girls. But that’s a lie. And I’ll tell you why.

You deserve to be respectfully pursued by someone.

You deserve to be loved wholeheartedly, not just with bits and pieces.

You deserve sweet and kind texts throughout your day.

You deserve for someone to want to know how you receive love and then for them to give you love in that way.

You deserve to be taken care of and to be given the chance to take care of someone else.

You deserve words of encouragement and prayer.

You deserve for someone to remember the little things about you.

You deserve letters and flowers and coffee.

You deserve to not be made uncomfortable by someone.

You deserve to be touched gently and intentionally.

You deserve to be kissed the same way.

You deserve to be sought after with a pure heart.

You deserve love songs and adventures.

You deserve to truly feel wanted by someone.

You deserve to not question someone’s feelings about you.

Good things are coming :)

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