Alexander DiGiulio’s life

Part 1: 100 word story

perfect balance

Being a 14 year old boy is a very exciting experience. Starting high school, meeting new people, and starting a mature life. I have so much of my life to look forward to, but yet I have learned so much already. With these great times come the stressful times of school, homework, and tests. These are all scary and exhausting to keep up with. I have told myself that they will end and I will get back to the good times of hooping, hanging with friends, and time to sit back and relax. perfect balance is a major key.

Part 2: Graphing My Life

Part 3: Music that moves me

Growing up with an Italian dad, I have always loved Italian music artists and even though I don’t understand it, Italian music too. I also have always loved oldies stuff like Dean Martin, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Dion. So by merging them together you get a Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra has been a large part of my life and still now, hearing it almost constantly over the last 14 years has made me appreciate it even more. Although, I like all of his songs my favorite would have to be “The Way You Look Tonight”

Although I do like oldies, growing up in the 21st century I love artists like Drake, Chance The Rapper, and Fetty Wap. It’s almost weird that I can like two polar opposites in the music genre area, but that is just what happens.

Part 4: Snapshot of my life

Sadly, I was grounded on Friday night, I would have been at the game but it was impossible. So here is a rendering of what would have happened Friday night. Just imagine the field behind us.

Part 5: Video of something I love

Although this took me hours, it was worth it in the end.

Part 6: People I admire

1. Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo inspires me in many ways. First of all, he plays for the Cubs, the team I have loved ever since I was in the womb. Not only does Anthony Rizzo play baseball, he is also a big advocate of helping children with terminal illnesses. If I ever got famous I would want to be known for something influential for the world as well.

2. Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr was easily one of the most influential people to ever walk the planet of Earth. He paved the path to fix black rights.

3. Nino DiGiulio

My dad has been a huge inspiration to me to succeed and work as hard as I can. He grew up in a very impoverished household having little to no money, and had no choice but to get a full ride scholarship. He worked hard and got his goal a Loyola scholarship. He continued to work even harder and now we can take lavish vacations because he has worked so hard. Coming form nothing to everything is very inspirational to me. He pushes me to work as hard as him, and I want to fill his footsteps well.

Part 7: Quote

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard” — Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant
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